Well, I successfully made it home. Mind full of ideas, and body covered in cat and dog hair. Seriously, I don’t understand why the pets are shedding right now. It’s freaking cold! Conserve your heat and try not to get your nastiness all over me. Is that too much to ask?

The drive home was incredible. Word of the day = intricate. The mountains were amazingly beautiful. Apparently it snowed in Whistler just before we got there, but for the most part it was raining for the first half of the ride, and the bumpy road put me right to sleep. When I woke up, I felt as fresh as a spring flower (thanks Taylor) and the sun was just setting as we were going through Horseshoe Bay. God I love this province. 

In other news, Americans are voting today! 

Hmm… what else? I’m still job-less. That’s cool. I’ve gotten over the fact that my unstability still exists, and have moved on to a ‘I don’t really care’ mindset. I’ve got enough saved to be good for about a month. And I know it won’t take me that long to find a job. But we’ll see. I just have too many standards. Here are some of them.

1. Business casual dress code or less. Meaning, there is no fucking way I’m going to wear some stupid uniform, or wear a suit. 

2. I have a lot of metal in my face that I’m not willing to take out every day (that kind of goes with the dress code).

3. I have worked too many jobs in the food industry, and that is definitely not happening right now.

4. SALES! No fucking way. I feel so heartless selling useless shit to people, and putting a fake smile on 24/7.

This doesn’t really leave me with too much choice. Basically, if someone knows anything about any call centre jobs available, ‘holler atcha boy’. Gangster.


Here are a few pictures I found that really express the way I feel today.










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