Wow. I haven’t written since November 4th! What’s happening with me? My life is spiralling! Spiralling out of control! Haha. Nah… definitely not. I’ve just been procrastinating and having a good time. 

I called Kaity on Tuesday and she invited me over for movie/hangout time, so I made my way to Kits. I found out that she had a new pet! Charles Bukowski, the cutest fucking rat you’ve ever seen. At first I was really afraid of it, like most rodents. But soon enough, I was holding him and he was nesting in my pocket. 

We started drinking a little, then a lot, and then Kaity’s mom came home. Kaity hadn’t told her about the rat yet. When she found out, she basically flipped her shit, and we laughed. A lot. Here’s pretty much how it went.

Cynthia: ‘Kaity! This is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done! There’s no way he’s staying here! It’s leaving, or you’re moving out. TONIGHT! … It’s not staying here tonight! I won’t be able to sleep! You know how I feel about those things.’ 

Amber: ‘Hahahahahah! I’m sooo sorry… it’s not funny. But it’s sooo funny! I’m sorry. It’s not funny. I’m drunk. Hahaha!’

Kaity: ‘Wanna pet him?! Hahaha!’

Awesome. Kaity’s mom drove us to my house with the rat after that. So yeah! That’s pretty much the story of how Amber acquired a rat! Kaity and I are going to share him. But, seriously. Me of all people? A rat? Really? But he’s soooo cute! Here are some pictures from our closet family photo shoot. 







He goes by Charles, Bukowski, Charlie, Duder, Schmooder, Pooder, Pooper, and basically any variation of a word that ends in ‘oo_er’.

On Wednesday Jessie called me at 9:30am (*cringe*) and I ended up going out to Surrey. What a commute! Man! But all was well. We went to Guilford Mall and had Taco Bell for lunch (which was delish), then went shopping and I got a few new tops for super cheap. I went back to Jessie’s new place and saw her sweet pad, but wasn’t too sociable because I was cold, miserable and had just spent the day in a mall. It was so great seeing her, though. I haven’t hung out with her in quite a while. And she got a Canadian cell phone! FINALLY!

After waiting in the FREEZING COLD for about 15 mins I was homeward bound. Kaity had taken Duder out all day and had met up with Jenn. They met me at Broadway and we hung out for a bit. Jenn helped me apply for her work, which was good, because I probably wouldn’t have figured out the online application myself. Kaity took a nap beside us. Afterwards, Jenn left, and Kaity and I watched a documentary on ‘Real Dolls’ on Youtube. Here’s the first bit. It’s so incredibly creepy, that it’s kind of intriguing at the same time.

I passed out shortly after the 4th part. Maybe it was my subconscience telling me to avoid anything to do with them. Or people involved in them. *shudder*

This morning Kaity’s mom called and invited us for lunch, so we went to the Templeton on Granville. Can I just say, POUTINE!!! They are so fucking delicious. I was in a really weird state of mind all morning, though. I was really tired. Tired to the point where I felt like I was hung over, but I didn’t have anything to drink. That pretty much disappeared after we left, though. 

The day proceeded by running around Vancouver, going to the doctor, getting a rat cage, hanging with the rat, showing the rat to Taylor, Kaity leaving, Amber job hunting, and now we’re here! 

I really hope I get a call-back about a job sometime in the next 2 days from somewhere that’s interested in hiring me. Seriously. It’s been a week, and I’ve been keeping myself really busy, but I can see myself getting really bored really fast. 

I’m going to get up early tomorrow and do Bons and laundry (baundry) with Josie. Yay!


I hope this guy’s here tomorrow. ‘Wo-oould you like any-mooore in therrrre? Alllright, Lassie!’


I don’t know these people. And who needs menus?


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