Last night. Crazy, and awesome. Channing and I went to the Met and had a wicked fun time at Chelsea’s birthday bash. Ended up drinking quite a bit. A whole pitcher of beer to myself = karaoke time. After alcohol consumption, you think you’ll rock at the song you chose, until you get up there, mic in hand, the words are flying by on the screen, and you hate yourself for choosing ’99 Problems’ by Jay-Z because you know you can’t rap. Yep. Pretty much butchered. But it was hillarious nonetheless. Then, at the end of the night, about 10 of us got up and sung ‘Tiny Dancer’ choir-style. It was a definite moment to remember. 

This is the picture that came up on Google Image search when I looked for Tiny Dancer. Awesome.


One thing that I don’t understand, though. Why do some girls go commando in super short dresses when they’re drunk? You already look like a hoe, you don’t have to advertise. We saw this girl, probably around 19, completely loaded, being spun around by this chauchy guy, pretty much having sex with him on the (so-called) dancefloor, and she was hiking her dress up. Lo and behold, she pulled it up so we had view of her buttocks. Sure you’re hot, but c’mon. There’s a line that you shouldn’t have to be told not to cross. I mean, seriously. It’s a skeezy karaoke bar on Hastings. If you wanna do that kind of shit, go to the Granville strip for Christ’s sake. 

And, what is with guys that hit on every single woman at the table, knowing that nobody’s interested. These 2 guys hung around our table going after Leah’s cousin, and when they saw that she wasn’t interested, they just moved on to the next girl beside her. Chelsea’s ‘If you fucking ask me if my piercings hurt I’m going to fuck you up,’ didn’t even scare him off (he was just staring at her lips like he was going to ask). One of them said that he loved me, and that he was going to steal me away and marry me. Like, seriously? Does anyone find that attractive? They eventually got kicked out of the bar.

Anyway, Chelsea and Channing and I headed to my house around 2am and crashed. Hard. We got up at noon and started our recovery process. First thing we did, Cafe Deux Soleils breakfast. So good. After that the girls and I went our separate ways and I came home. Recovery days are so weird. You aren’t obligated to do anything, but in the back of your mind you feel like you should be. I took a nap for a while, woke up at 5:30, and now I’m here. Orange juice in tummy, things are good. I’m just going to relax. Movie night anyone?




ps. I just read Chelsea’s latest blog. Oh my god. If you haven’t seen this, and you’re a Jay-Z/Obama fan, take 47 seconds of your time and watch this.


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