Friendly Faces


Today has been one of the best days ever! Once again, didn’t get a lot accomplished (probably less than yesterday) but it’s been great!

It all started when I got a call from Jessie saying that she was venturing out of her Surrey-suburban-abode to Vancouver to have coffee with me. I felt like I had the beginnings of a cold, so I pumped myself with vitamins and orange juice, got dressed and prepared myself for the day. 

When Jessie got here we went to Prado, our favourite coffee shop on the Drive. In between doing a cross-word and having girl-talk, I ended up seeing about 4 people I knew pass by, frantically waving as they walked. I feel so great when I see a bunch of people I know on the Drive. It definitely makes me feel like there is more of a community base here. Even though the city of Vancouver has approximately 605,902 people going about their business, I can still feel like I know the friendly faces that walk by.  

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After about an hour Jessie told me that she had to go back to chickenland, so I met up with Josie for more coffee. We hung out for a bit, when to Turks for coffee and sat in the park watching the most ridiculously cute family pushing their toddler on the swings. She told me that her and Willy, her boyfriend, were going to go to Trout Lake for a mini Fairy photoshoot and asked if I would do her makeup. And did I ever! It was awesome! We went from barely-any-makeup-hippie-Josie to I’m-gonna-dress-up-and-be-a-fairy-whether-you-like-it-or-not-Josie. Awesome.

It was almost dusk around 4 so I told her to get the heck outta here and catch the rest of the rays while she still could. Then I took a nap. It was pretty delightful.  I awoke as energized as ever, and decided to finally make the big meal that I had been planning. I made rice, and chicken with mushroom sauce, and a makeshift broccoli, cauliflower, green bean casserole with cheese sauce and bread crumbs. It was so wholesomely delicious that Tom actually called me ‘A Legend‘. You hear that folks? A legend. 

After cleaning a bit, I caught up on my reading of lovely Kyla Bea’s blog, and watched a bit of youchoob. Now I’m about ready to commence the job search, yet again. 

Here’s a funny youchoob video that I hope makes you feel as happy as I have felt all day.

ps. Does anyone else get creeped out by these?



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