A Streak of Bad Luck

I’ve pretty much had the most bad luck of anyone I know in the past week or so.

See also:

1. Horrible Job Interview – Went for a group interview at a large telecommunications company downtown. To my horrific surprise, everyone was dressed in suits, older than me, and way more qualified for the job. And this was all realized before it even started. I don’t even want to get into the specifics. Ugh.

2. Coffee on the computer – I happened to spill a little bit of coffee on the keyboard of my laptop. All was well until about 10 minutes later when the right side of the keyboard stopped working all togehter, and the computer was not responding at all. 

3. Freak out sesh 101 – I go to an independent computer repair shop, thinking it would be cheaper to get it fixed. They tell me it would cost around $400 just for them to try to fix it, no guarantees. I decide to try somewhere else. I get in the car, and the key is jammed, and it won’t start. I try jiggling the steering wheel, rocking the car back and forth, fiddling with the gear shift… nothing. Kaity’s mom calls me, and I have a freakout session. I call Steve, and he tells me how to get the car started.

4. Unfixable – I go to Futureshop, where I purchased the laptop, and they say it will be expensive. They suggest buying a new computer instead, because in the end, it will be worth it. I say that is not in the budget for right now, and buy a makeshift keyboard for the time being.

5. A Mind of Its Own – My beloved computer in which I have owned for more than 3 years now has a mind of it’s own. It willsometimes turn on, and other times it exclaims to me with incomprehensible beeps, letters and numbers. Sometimes it gives me a message, that apparently my roommate (the computer nerd of the roomie family) says is a very very VERY bad sign. Something about ‘partial tables’… Regardless, my computer seems to be working alright when I can actually get it to load Windows. Which is about 1/3rd of the time. 

6. Unbelievably Limited Job Ops – I have gotten 1 other call-back in the last 2 weeks, and it is for a Telephone Research Interviewer. Meaning, I call you at your house in the middle of dinner and ask you if you could spare 12-16 minutes of your time to take a Translink survey. I wasn’t going to bother with it, but decided that $10.50/hour is better than living off of Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup every day and taking public transit just for something to do. Anyway, this is just until I find something else more promising (and at this point, anything will be more promising). 



7. iPod in the Toilet – Yes. That’s right. Even after the whole electronics and water incident previously this week, it has happened once again. I have an iPod dock that I keep on the back of the toilet so I can rock out to music in the shower. I was in a hurry to meet a friend, ran to grab it, and dropped it. Full force. I tried drying it out (apparently a hair dryer was a bad idea) and have since tried turning it on. It gives me an error message saying to sync with iTunes. Meaning, “The only hope you have is to try restoring it”. Meaning, all 30 Gbs of music you have is lost, and you need to put it all on again. Since most of my music wasn’t from my computer, and I’m afraid iTunes will cause my computer to crash even harder than it has, I’m losing hope for the time being. And crossing my fingers.

If there’s anything else horrible waiting for me around the corner, I wish I could just get it over with!

However, with all of this bad luck, there was a bit of good karma thrown in there for me. My (beloved) external harddrive, purchased late October, was received in the mail a week before the coffee incident! I was able to back up all of my movies, music, irreplaceable pictures from the past 3 years, and important documents. YAY!

I’m hoping that Newton’s Third Law will open a can of whoop ass on all of this bad luck sooner than later.


6 responses to “A Streak of Bad Luck

  1. Yesh Yesh yesh! Ambs we definitely need to catch up.

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