Guess Who?

A couple weeks ago I busted out the old 1987 UK Edition of the Guess Who? board game Taylor, Stevel and I picked up at a garage sale at a local coffee shop on the Drive. Taylor and I ended up sitting there for a good 2 hours nearly killing each other with anticipation as to who the ‘Ultimate Champion’ should be. It is still to be determined.
Guess Who? is a two person board game where each person had a board with about 20-30 different characters that were all on little plastic flip things. You would both choose a card, which would be one of the characters and you would guess who the other person had by asking questions about appearance: eye color, hair color, glasses, etc. You would then flip down the characters that didn’t match the description.
I would love to know the people that designed the characters for this game, because in my mind, they are the most ingenious people in the history of design. Obviously, each of them had to have an easily definable aspect of their appearance, hence a huge number of hats, glasses and, on numerous people, very ruddy cheeks (clearly having been captured on a cold day). We suspect the current incarnation includes a rather larger ethnic mix than was the case in the original version, which was more or less entirely white and fair haired! I do not recall ever seeing that many gingers at once in my life! Not to mention creepers. After a while of the generic ‘Does your character have facial hair?’ started to get a little boring, we moved on to more entertaining and challenging questions such as, ‘Would you be sexually attracted to your character?’ and ‘Would you trust your character with your children?’ and ‘Could you see your character being a News Anchor?’
Ultimately, this game is definitely in my Top 10 for PG rated fun things to do.
In other news, I still haven’t found a job, and I have given up the whole Telephone Research Interviewer position for moral reasons (see also: A Streak of Bad Luck). I did, however, get another call back from a more promising position in Burnaby, and had an interview today at an office downtown. I’m not going to go to any length in detail on either, simply because I don’t want to get myself all excited. Just in case.
I NEED to pick up a better sleeping habit. All of this hanging out with Kaity isn’t really helping either, because we’re both in the same boat in that department. For example, she calls me last night and asks what I’m doing. I say I’m free after I drop my roommate off at the airport, and she ends up meeting me around 10. My computer is actually functional, so we decide to watch some stuff on Youchoob and hang out with Mr. Stinky (the rat) until 2:30AM when I tell her that I NEED to go to bed because I have a job interview in the morning. I go to sleep, and she comes tumbling in about an hour later. For some random reason that we cannot decipher, our inner workings are awake at 6:30AM and we cannot get back to sleep. After about an hour I say, ‘Fuck this, I’m making some coffee.’ We stay up for another 2 hours. My computer will not turn on and I have no faith that it ever will again. I get tired and take a nap until 9:30AM, when I get up, get ready, and leave for my interview. Kaity stays while I’m gone. I get home around 12:30PM, Kaity’s napping and am exhausted. But I don’t want to waste my entire day sleeping, so I stay up for about an hour, until I’m going crazy with boredom that I can’t help but nest in my bed. We end up sleeping until 5:00PM. I am now not even close to being tired, and it’s 1:00AM. I know that I won’t go to bed until at least 2:30-3:00AM, and won’t get up until at least noon.
Anyway, enough of my schpeeling. Here’s an interesting video Kaity and I stumbled upon last night.
Basically, think about the absurdity of Snoop Dogg being on the Martha Stewart cooking show.
I love how he mentions that he takes the danger out by changing the names of some objects, yet he calls the knife a ‘Shank‘. Awesome.

One response to “Guess Who?

  1. I HAD THAT EXACT EDITION. Probably FROM 1987 IN the UK. LOL. And the worst part is those characters are permanently engrained in my memory. Especially Bill because he was so large and jolly and RED. And Paul, because he looked like Bob Holness off of Blockbusters. And George, because he was always so sad!! lol!

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