Stupid Surveys Anybody?

Now, I know we all hate these stupid surveys, but this is keeping me from writing about how frustrated I am about my money situation right now. As you will see, I have better things to do than rant about how broke I am. And I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about my unemployed state of mind. So if anyone has a problem with the question-answer type deal, I would recommend that you stop reading as to not waste your time. 
76 Questions You’ve Probably Been Asked Before

First thing you wash in the shower?: Chest

What color is your favorite hoodie?: It used to be black, but now it’s more grey
Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?: Yes
Do you plan outfits?: I do when I’m excited about where I’m going. But not on a regular basis.
How are you feeling RIGHT now?: My back hurts from all this slouching.

Whats the closest thing to you thats red?: My sweater.
Do you say aim or a-i-m?: A-I-M… not that I really say it ever. I’m Canadian. We don’t have that here.
Tell me about the last dream you remember having?: There were people that worked in an office, and they were trying to steal brains so they could use them for icing on their individual birthday cakes. I’ve been watching too much of The Office and too many zombie films.
Did you meet anybody new today?: I met someone that I didn’t remember meeting in the first place.
What are you craving right now?: Nothing. I pretty much drank my weight in fruit punch.
Do you floss?: No. But I brush my teeth religiously.
What comes to mind when I say cabbage?: Cabbage Patch Kids.

When was the last time you talked on aim?: Never. I use MSN daily.
Are you emotional?: Usually a bit of a trainwreck.
Would you dance to the taco song?: Huh?
Have you ever counted to 1,000?: I don’t think I ever made it that far.
Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?: Lick it
Do you like your hair?: My hair is my most prized possession.
Do you like yourself?: I’d be my friend.
Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?: Why not, I’d be interested in what he’d have to say.
Would you throw potatoes at him?: Well, I am from Pemberton. But probably not.
Have you ever been in a castle?: No. But I really want to!
What are you listening to right now?: The sound of my typing, and something that sounds like a mix of Lilly Allen or Kate Nash from my roommate’s computer.
Are your parents strict?: Nah. I am an only, so they pretty much let me do whatever.
Would you go sky diving?: Fuck yeah. Sign me up, Scotty!
Do you like cottage cheese?: I was just talking about this… I always think I like it, and then 2 bites later I get really bored of it.
Have you ever met a celebrity?: Yep
Do you rent movies often?: No. I always have late fees due to lack of motivation, so I just download.
Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in?: The fake diamonds on my snake ring on my hand. Other than that, not really any shininess happening. Maybe some shine from the fake chrome on the speakers.
How many countries have you visited?: 3
Have you made a prank phone call?: Yep
Ever been on a train?: YES! I went on my first real train last summer with Jessie to Idahooo!
Brown or white eggs?: Free-range organic. They’re generally brown.
Can you count backwards from 74?: If I felt like it. But it would take some concentration.

Who sits in behind you in your math class?: Thank god I no longer have math class. And I don’t remember who did sit behind me.
Do you own something from Hot Topic?: Nope
Do you have a cell-phone?: Yep
Do you use chap stick?: Occasionally.
Do you own a gun?: Nope
Can you use chop sticks?: Yep
Who are you going to be with tonight?: Shmemily, the roomie.
Are you too forgiving?: Don’t think so. I tend to forgive people on the outside, but hold a mean grudge on the inside.
Ever been in love?: No
Ever have cream puffs?: Yep they’re delish.
Last time you cried?: When I got fired 3 weeks ago.
What was the last question you asked?: Whatcha doin’ tonight Peetah?
Favorite time of the year?: Fall and Spring
What is your bus number for school?: Right now I am not obligated to be anywhere. Usually the 20 Downtown to go anywhere though.
Do you have any tattoos?: Yes. I have a ram on my lower back a trebbleclef on the left arm and the reflection of a trebbleclef on the right.
Are you sarcastic?: Nooo….
Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?: Yes. In theatres. Intense.
Boys or girls?: Sexually I’d have to say I’ve only been with boys. But I SO have had some girl-crushes.
Have you ever bought anything from Pac Sun?: No.
Ever walked into a wall?: On more than one occasion.
Favorite color?: Green, Blue, Brown, Red.
Have you ever slapped someone?: I slap people all the time. But truly slap, like backhand slap… I would say about 5th grade on the bus coming home from school.
Is your hair curly?: Totally.
What was the last CD you bought?: Do you live in the 1990’s? Seriously. I haven’t bought a CD since I was about 16.
Do looks matter?: To some extent.
Could you ever forgive a cheater?: Depends on the situation. But I probably would if I was really into them.
Is your phone bill sky high?: Not overly. 
Do you like your life right now?: In general, this not having any responsibilities thing is pretty damn relaxing. But I am starting to get restless without having anything to do. And not having money is starting to become a major problem.
Do you sleep with the TV on?: I don’t have cable, so I’m pretty sure white noise wouldn’t be so relaxing.
Can you handle the truth?: I’d rather know than not, even if I’m hesitant to find out.
Do you have good vision?: Generally. But I do need to get some reading glasses soon. Things are getting slightly fuzzier over these past couple years.
Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?: Yes. Only because they’re either so oblivious to the fact that they’re completely obnoxious, or they’re way too awkward for me to handle.
How often do you talk on the phone?: I don’t talk much. Maybe a call or 2 a day. I tend to have one day every couple weeks where I get to talk to everyone so I can update them on my situation.
The last person you held hands with?: Last night with Emily when I saw this really creepy guy. ‘Emily! Hold my hand!’ …’Uh.. okay!’
What are you wearing?: natalie dee t-shirt, red granny sweater, and navy sweats
What is your favorite animal?: Don’t have one. I think a skunk is pretty high up there.
Where was your default picture taken at?: I stole it off the internetz
Can you hula hoop?: Not really.
Do you have a job?: How many times must I say NO!
What was the most recent thing you bought?: Groceries with the step muvva.
Have you ever crawled through a window?: Yes.

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