Heart Rocks


This morning I was awoken by another intense dream. Intense to the point that I woke up and had tears pouring down my face. 

There’s this movie called Night Watch, and its sequal called Day Watch that I’ve been watching lately. (See also: IMDB) Basically, in the movie, there are people divided up into the forces of light and the forces of the dark. So the two forces are forever against each other and there is a ‘the one’ type senario where they find this kid that could be ‘the one‘ to stop this huge battle and possibly save the world. Basically, the kid turns to the dark side, and everything is crazy.

Dream: I am on the good side, and considered to be the potential one. I am running around, trying to get away from the evil guys, and there is a lot of chasing and running. The dark ones capture me, and we are in a forest. I cannot get back and they are try to brainwash me to be on their side. There is a fruit in which you can chew that will allow you to connect with someone’s spirit if you concentrate hard enough. I get ahold of the fruit, and call one of my buddies because I’m scared and all alone and I’m afraid I’m going to turn evil. I woke up crying, thinking, ‘I don’t want to be evil! Noooo!’ It was intense.

I’m surprised that my day turned out so greatly after that rude awakening. But it did! My friend, Josie, popped by and I made a delicious breakfast, then she played The Legend of Zelda and I knitted some of Jessie’s birthday present. 🙂

It was so beautiful today. I feel like winter is truly here. I always start to get a little more in my head around this time of year. In the past week or so I have totally pushed people away from myself, and feeling completely guilty of it. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I need some me-time every once in a while. It’s weird how I get into these weird hermit moods at the beginning of every winter. But I enjoy them because it gives me time to reflect and take in everything that has happened to me this year.

It doesn’t help that people are already starting to put out Christmas decorations! Really people? November isn’t even over yet! I always get so used to seeing all of these Christmas lights around, that I kind of ignore them after about a month. Then when Christmas is here, it feels like it snuck up on me! That, and I find I’m not as excited. It’s like buying concert tickets a 3 months in advance, and then not caring when the date actually comes, because you’ve already burned your energy. Lame sauce.

But, nonetheless, Christmas is inevitable. So I may as well start getting prepared. I made scarves for everyone last year, and am trying to find something a little different to do, but equally as crafty and cheap. Any ideas?

Today I felt inspired to start looking at some of my older blogs from my myspace and found something that made me feel really happy. Last year I took part in a research study for this college in the states. Basically, it was a happiness study and asked you to submit a sentence once a day on anything that makes you happy for a month. It was a great eye-opener and made me really focus on the little things, rather than being inside my own head all of the time. It was so great to spend those deliberate seconds thinking outside of my daily routine.

Here are a few things that I thought were great. And many I still do.


  • Puffy clouds that look like animals
  • Mandarin Green tea
  • Vancouver downpours
  • Friends’ paintings on my wall
  • Being a homebody
  • Unique laughs
  • Being wrapped in a cozy blanket
  • Sitting at a bench on the street that is an awkward distance from the passers by. They have no choice or to look at you, or the ground. 
  • Reading in the park
  • Going without makeup
  • Seeing people running for the bus, and missing it



As well, I found this great website that I thought I would share with y’all. If I am ever in Evanston, IL I want to visit the Liquid Potion Lounge. Basically, they have a fish pipeline that connects two fish tanks over a respectable distance, allowing fish to travel from one tank, up and over the floor of the coffee shop, into the other tank. It’s pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


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