My Love for the V.V.

I have been having the most unsettling dreams lately, which is really surprising, considering I barely ever remember my dreams. Last night I dreamt that a family member gave me $200, I put it in my bag, and then my bag was stolen while on public transit! The bus driver was a real asshole and wouldn’t stop to wait for my friend, and wouldn’t tell me where the bus was going. I was all alone, yelling at the bus driver, and the other passengers were looking at me like I was the ‘crazy lady’ on the bus that just wouldn’t sit down. Along with the money, the theif stole my identity, and for some reason I was hesitating about cancelling my credit card, thinking that it would take so long to get a new one. I woke up freaking out, yet again.

I don’t know what’s going on. It’s probably me just being stressed out about finding a job and having income. All I can think about is V.V. Boutique… nowwww. But I can’t, because I have no money. Even if I was to go window shopping, it’ll still make me upset because I won’t be able to get anything. Frustratinggg! I feel like my pockets are burning but I have no money. 

Seriously. Every time I go to Value Village I find something to bring home. It is fantastic! I just don’t understand the people that go shopping for brand new stuff. It’s just not that great! That, and whenever I go shopping there I always manage to find something that nobody else will have, and can put together amazingly cute outfits!’

See also: 




Note to self: Explore V.V. Boutique on 49th and Victoria, and Salvation Army on 3rd and Lonsdale, North Vancouver.

Things I want to do with my first paycheque (ideally):

  • Go to Value Village and raid the shit out of their Shoes, Skirts, Sweaters/Cardigan, and Accessories sections.
  • Find a winter jacket that is not falling apart and is actually warm
  • Get a ball for Charles the Rat to run around in from Petcetera
  • Make the yummiest pasta salad dinner for me and my lovely roomie

In the meantime, my goal for today is to print and distribute 10-15 resumes along the Drive today, in between coffee with Josie and trying not to buy anything.


One response to “My Love for the V.V.

  1. Thanks for the wine recommendation – I will definitely check it out! LOL When it is 30 below here I am in denial there are any places on this earth that are warmer.
    I completely know how it feels to have money burning in your pocket when you have none. For me its more like the sensation of ‘plastic melting’ as my boyfriend VISA calls on me to take it out. I am still reeling from a summer of very expensive retail therapy – so I am officially on a clothe shopping hiatus.
    How do you like Vancouver? I visited there in October for a couple of days and happened upon some very beautiful weather! I am thinking about moving to Nanaimo this summer to serve.
    Hope you are well and your dreams start to improve!

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