Yarn Frenzy

I have had so much fun in the last few days knitting Jessie’s birthday present! [I will have pictures up on Saturday, as to not ruin the surprise!] I have literally sat there for 4 hours in one session, watching 2 movies. Then when my roommate comes home I complain that my wrists and elbow are paining. But it’s going to be worth it. 🙂


I have been a little bit obsessive as to the yarn selection available on Etsy right now. Winter is coming, and I’m getting into my knitting-fanatic self. Who wouldn’t oggle over these gorgeous jems?






As well, if you’re a knitter and you haven’t discovered Posh Yarn, you have another thing coming! Their yarns are of the highest quality, and are carefully hand dyed and hand finished. Will you buy all of these for me? That’d be greeeat….





Anyone from Vancouver want to buy stuff made in Vancouver? Anyone planning on visiting and need some suggestions on where to shop? Support The Local has everything that you would need from handmade leather bags to classy hole-in-the-wall restaurants! Even though I couldn’t afford to do any of these things, one can dream, can’t they?

Oh! And one other thing for the Vancouver-ites! There is an I Heart Crafts Bazaar at the Ukranian Cultural Center on Sunday, November 30th from 11am-6pm. Now those of you who heard me complain about missing the craft fair by an hour about a week ago, put on your imagination goggles and come along for the ride! I will not miss this one. And I will NOT buy anything. All I wanna do is get some good ideas, and oggle over everything there. Potentially leave a little upset when I fall in love with that handmade _______.

Now that that’s said, I still haven’t had much luck with the whole employment thing. I’ve looked for the past 4 weeks, but it seems that the only industry that is really hiring right now is serving and kitchen work. Most of the time when you go in and want to apply, they’ll ask if you have serving experience, say they are only hiring people with a minimum of 2 years experience, and send you on your way. Why is it so hard to find a fucking job in this city? Urgh! 

As well, the whole ask-pops-for-money thing didn’t really turn out that well. It went a little like this. 

Awmb: Getting up the courage to ask him, starting with small talk and working my way to the topic of work, unemployment…
Pops: Cuts me off and starts talking about his work problems and how he’s in the middle of a lawsuit with a client because they owe him thousands of dollars. ‘So I’ve got [insert name here] and the lawyers in my back pocket!’
Awmb: Way too guilty to even ask for money. Instead, changes the subject and asks if he’s coming to the city any time soon. Maybe if we go out for lunch, he’ll have some cash on him and feel generous enough to give some of it to me.



One response to “Yarn Frenzy

  1. Oooh what pretty yarns! You might have seen it already but “Handmedowns” on etsy also has a yarn shop. Very pretty colors!

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