Future Prospects


Special? I think so.

Special? I think so.

 This is how my Thursday night was spent. Special brownies with a special friend. It was fantastic. Surprisingly, I felt pretty well accomplished after our 4-hour-knitting-movies-and-McDonald’s sesh. I finished Jessie’s birthday present, but not without complaining of the agony. And when I gave it to her, exclaimed that I slaved over it. Which was true. Nonetheless, I thought it would feel nice and squishy on her feet, and it would go well in her house. 

You ready for this Jelly?



Friday was nice as well. I got up and went to a job interview in Richmond, and went to Jessie’s birthday dinner in Surrey! Quite a bit of travel for one day! But it was really great seeing her and Sam, and her mom and step-dad were visiting from Sandpoint, Idaho for the weekend so I got to see them too. We had vegan burritos, which were delicious, and raspberry pie! Mmmmm. Happy 21 butt-face!

Two Happy Campers

Two Happy Campers

Anddd anddd, I have some future prospects for jobs! Hurray! This coffee shop on Main and Broadway wants me to work mornings, and I’m really considering getting another. There’s this inbound call centre temp position available for 3 weeks and it’s mornings as well, Monday to Friday, but it doesn’t start until December 10th. So the ideal plan is to work for Cuppa Joe as much as possible until the 10th, then move to part time for 3 weeks, opening on the weekends while I work the other job and make more money. Then, when the temp place is finished I will just work at Cuppa Joe full time. This way, I’ll be super busy for the next couple of weeks, and be able to pay all of the stuff I haven’t been able to this month. It’s gonna happen. I just have to stay in good faith.


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