A Day Full of Colour

Today was one of the most busiest days I’ve had in the past month. My roommate, Emily, is going to school for fashion design, and asked me to do makeup for a photoshoot that she was having [this morning] about 2 weeks ago. So last night I cleaned all of my brushes for the first time in about 4 months, got everything organized, and tried to get to bed a reasonable time. 

Fast forward: 8:30am my alarm goes off. Ugh. I am sooo tired. I have a coffee and a smoke and it’s go go go from 9:30 to 10:30-11:00. The makeup looked great, the dress fit, and they were out the door to do the shoot. 

I have had the most intense urge to MAKE stuff lately. Or modify stuff I already have. After the girls left I cleaned up a bit then proceeded to try to convince Taylor to come to Michael’s Arts and Crafts [Dressew is closed on Sundays]. She was busy, so I ended up trekking all the way to South Burnaby by myself.  

When I got home I decided to paint my makeup brushes something other than scratched black. It was a project, and it required a blowdryer and a lot of patience. But they look really great now! However, they do feel a little sticky because I just used acrylic paint and didn’t put any finish on them. I have to figure out how to fix that. But for now, I love them 🙂

In progress..

In progress..

C'est finit!

Afterwards I decided to take a break and make dinner. Pasta, as usual. It’s the only thing that my cupboards still contain. That, and canned mushroom soup. As well, an old friend of mine dropped by to see me and I got to update him on the sit-ee-ation. I’m getting really sick of telling people that I’m unemployed. Srsly.

Anyway… I got ambitious again, and decided to start on the headbands/brooches/whatever-I-feel-like-making-them flowers. I slaved over these things for hours. They are handsewn, and made from felt. The plan is to go to Dressew when I have money, and buy some plain black headbands, and some brooch clips. Maybe I’ll knit a scarf and attach a couple. Aw!That would be really cute! 

Let the games begin

Let the games begin

A work in progress

A work in progress

Part 1 of the operation complete!

Part 1 of the operation complete!


5 responses to “A Day Full of Colour

  1. boy, that sure was colourful and oh-so-nice.

  2. Those are great Ambs!! Nice work!

  3. oh man how much fun! i want to be creative toooooo! i was thinking about learning to knit or something, but i don’t know how great i’d be with huge needles…or maybe sewing little stuffed animals, but again, i’d have to learn. not that i don’t have enough time on my hands with no job…blech

  4. Those flowers are so cute! I would totally wear one on a headband or pinned to my jacket. Nice work! Do you have an Etsy shop?

  5. yo! randomly came across your blog. i’m unemployed and like making crafts too. i think we have lots in common 🙂

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