Because I Felt Like It.

I have had so much success in the last week, I can’t even handle it. 

Exhibit A:

I got not just one, but two jobs! My plan has worked! The first is Our Town Cafe, a little coffee shop on Main and Kingsway. I’m really stoked about it, because they try to stay as local as possible with their products, their beans are fair trade/organic, they have live music on certain nights, and the layout of the place is amazing. Number two is a temporary inbound call centre position for Greyhound. This position ends on December 26th, but has potential to be longer. Basically, for all of you newbies that aren’t aware, the plan is to work both jobs until then, then move to full time at Our Town. Meaning, between December 13th and December 28th the only day I will have off is Christmas. Which I am fine with! I feel like I’ve been lacking in the ‘doing stuff’ department, and would LOVE to get my butt out of the house for a change. 

Exhibit B:

I called my pops and asked him for money. It was a little awkward, but ended up being so worth it. Now, I can pay my phone bill, eat, and buy bus transfers to get to and from work until my first paycheque comes through. 

Exhibit C:

My grandma on my step-mom’s side owns The Hobby Shop, and is shutting the store down for retirement. I coincidentally found out that this was the last day that they would be open, and she was selling all of her merchandise for 50% off to her customers. That meant free for me! I trekked to New Westminster with Taylor today, and picked up a few things. Okay, a lot of things. Check it.


Got Enough Felt?

Got Enough Felt?

Thanks Grandma!

Thanks Grandma!

Exhibit D:

My credit card company boosted my limit by $200. Now, I know that this may have been a little foolish, but Taylor and I went to Value Village on 49th and Victoria today, and it is, by far, the best one I have yet to encounter! I got a new skirt that I am completely in love with, along with a couple shirts and … and… Dr. Martens. Yeah. I knew you would concur.

Exhibit E:

I have been super productive in the crafts department. Besides completely obsessing over Craftzine, I have actually gotten a lot of things accomplished! I have made 2 monster plushies (3 more are in progress), and flower brooches, I’m learning how to embroider, finished a cowl and started a new one yesterday. Also, I made 3 more plushies that are Christmas gifts, so you will have to wait until I give them out to know what they are. But I’m uber proud!

Productivity? I think so.

Productivity? I think so.

New Cowl and Flower Brooch

New Cowl and Flower Brooch

Exhibit F:

Although my computer is almost unbearably slow, it hasn’t died yet. Virtual knock on wood.


3 responses to “Because I Felt Like It.

  1. Nice work! When it rains it pours! I wish you best of luck with both jobs – I will have to come check out the cafe next time I am in Vancouver. I am excited about your crafty work as well, you are very talented. The Value Villages here in Winnipeg (the bargain city!) are unfortunately not so great. The clothing selection went down and the prices went up. It is good to hear there is still some decent second-hand shopping out there! Remember not to work too hard!

  2. Awmbs I love your plushies!! I finally added your blog to my google reader so now I’m getting all your updates, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA = (

    My next craft project is making a case for my transit pass, and then I want to make some plushies too – yours look just way too cute = )

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours looks like fun too, I’ll be back.
    And congrats on getting two jobs!

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