Tribute to Sylvinator

In April of this year, a new person came into my life. One of my roommates was moving out, and the Craigslist battle began. My roommate at the time (Steve) picked two days, and started showing the room to all of the people who responded to our ad. There were quite a few potentials, and more that weren’t. After being disappointed by our first choice’s references, we decided to go with the second. A music student at SFU that played the bagpipes. She was a student, so we knew she wouldn’t be partying so much, and seemed really genuine.

She moved in on May 1st and the journey began. To my amazement, living with her was a lot different than just meeting her. She had her own schedule and basically just used the house as a place to sleep. When she was here, she would wonder around giving herself pep talks about boys or school or anything that could be controversial to everyday life. She seemed to be something that I had never experienced. Someone as quirky, if not more, than I! I remember thinking, who is this girl?

In mid-May there was a terrible occurance. Steve, the American living and working here without any form of legal documentation, went home for graduation, and wasn’t allowed back into Canada when he was on his way back. Not only was Steve my roommate, but my partner in crime for everything. After experiencing the most heartbreaking emotional rollercoaster for 2 days, waiting for Steve to call me after he tried (yet again) to get into Canada, Sylvia tried to take my mind off of things by taking me out for coffee. Unfortunately, Steve called while we were in the cafe, stating that he wouldn’t be allowed back into the country for at least another 6 months. I was a mess for the next 2 weeks. I couldn’t even speak to Steve on the phone, for fear of not being able to stop crying. I was lost.

Soon after, I decided that staying in my room all day wasn’t healthy, and immersed myself in my shitty job and other people around me. One of which was Sylvia. I felt that I hadn’t really gotten to know her, and was somewhat stand-offish with her because I felt I couldn’t read her. We began hanging out a little more, and starting to form a friendship. We would rely on each other for advice and always keep each other updated with the latest gossip, while maintaining our own lives.

In August of this year she graduated from SFU and got accepted to grad school in Seattle, then moved out in September.

It has been really weird without having Sylvia around, but every once in a while she will pop by the house (she is still involved in the SFU Pipe Band and comes to Vancouver quite often). She ended up calling to ask if she could stay here last night, and we were a duo once again! 

One of the things I love about this girl is that she is well educated, but doesn’t patronize my ability to have an intelligent conversation with her. Her vocabulary is incredible, and I just feel like she is one of the most genuine people I know. 

She arrived in Vancouver yesterday around 2 o’clock and Emily (one of my current roommates) and I met her at Continental Cafe. Afterwards Emily left to meet a friend, and Sylv and I went out. We had a fantastic evening last night filled with live classical music, afterparties, alcohol, long talks, walking home from Main St and 15th Avenue (I’m guessing about 4 km) and wishing that this would happen more often. It’s definitely not going to be another 3 months until we see each other again. I’ll make a point of it.


3 responses to “Tribute to Sylvinator

  1. I love that this is a really touching sweet post, and you refer to her as The Sylvinator lol =D

    You make me happy.

  2. You people with your wordpress blogs! If I don’t get a new post notification I completely forget about you. I’m awful, I know.
    Anyway, it’s great you have a good friend, no matter where she lives. At least now you have an excuse to travel more!
    The Steve part sucks though. Go visit Sylvia and sneak him back into the country in your suitcase!

  3. I am jealous of this Steve guy who sounds great and this Sylvia! I myself cannot say I’ve been sad to see a roommate go before. 😉 jk! I hope this Emily proves to be just as wonderful as the other two!

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