Sometimes When I Kneel My Knees Crack. That’s a lot of Silent K’s.

Please accept my sincere apologies for not writing anything in quite a while. Thank you for showing your concern, my beloved readers. My internet connection has been having technical difficulties, as has my makeshift computer. I literally spent a good 10 minutes trying to open up Notepad. Seriously.

Updates are needed, I know! I have been incredibly busy over the last week. Job #1 has gone extremely well, and I am officially finished my training shifts as of Sunday! Woot! This means a better wage, and eligibility for tips! As well, I’ll be getting my first paycheque on Friday, and I am planning on buying my little Duder a rat ball, because he deserves it after such a lugubrious period, being stuck in a  cage that’s too small for him. Poor little guy.

Job #2 is interesting… Basically, I get up at 5:30 am Monday to Friday, put on as many layers as I can muster in my sleepy state, and head to the coldest, most boring place you could possibly think of. I’m working in a Greyhound Courier warehouse, where I call people, telling them when their shipments arrive. There are 3 space heaters that we share in between 2 rooms, and the doors are always open. There is a good 1-2 hour break in between shipments, leaving me with absolutely nothing to do. Literally. I sit and knit my Grinchmas presents, unsuccessfully attempt to complete crosswords, and take naps. It’s pretty much the most boring thing I have ever had to endure, but I get paid to sit on my ass and do absolutely nothing! And I only have to do it for another 5 shifts, so I don’t mind! And at least I’m not in a mall, dealing with the Christmas craze.

I also got together with my family for a classy brunch at Hazelmere Golf and Country Club on Sunday. It was great, because I got to catch up with my cousin (the one that called me Queen Bossy Snot), and ended up having a laugh attack because of some immature joke when Santa and Mrs. Claus came up to talk to our table. That  was embarassing. Oh! And I found out that my parents cancelled Christmas. But it’s okay, because our family isn’t too crazy about it, and I’m going to be seeing them 2 days after for another dinner with the fam.

Anyhow, my little schnookums, aka Emily is awaiting my company for WALL-E night. Yesterday it was Zack and Miri Make a Porno-The IT Crowd-The Office-40 Year Old Virgin night. A life please? Anybody?

I think I have an idea as to what my parents are getting me for Christmas! But I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, or jinx anything. So I’m not saying.


4 responses to “Sometimes When I Kneel My Knees Crack. That’s a lot of Silent K’s.

  1. Vagabond Kaity

    Psh. Who needs a life when you have The office. Seriously. Office FTW.

  2. Best title ever = )

    The greyhound job sounds like it could go a couple of ways: really great for adding more money to your pockets or just really boring. I hope it’s the first!

    Good luck with yer computer miss!

  3. Oh but I wanna know what you’re getting! Jinx it…

  4. im pretty much in love with you for using the word ‘lugubrious’ in this post.

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