End of the Year Shennanigans

The ending of another year always gets me thinking of how fast my life is passing by. And how many things I have yet to accomplish in my life. It’s usually a lot more depressing than not, because I tend to find that I haven’t done too much during the year we just had. Regardless, I have composed a list of things that I have and haven’t gotten around to doing this year. A reminder for myself that my life isn’t completely meaningless, and things I could improve on. I’m not really one to set a ‘New Year’s Resolution’, for the sole purpose that I should be doing things on my own time, with my own motivation, rather than being reminded that I’m getting older and should do things while I have the chance.

Without further adieu, I give you the list of what I have and have not done this year.

Things I accomplished this year:

  • I reached my goal of making this year my ‘live shows’ year. Before this year, the only big shows i had ever gone to were My Chemical Romance 2005, and Warped Tour 2006. Shows I went to included Jose Gonzalez, Iron and Wine, Gogol Bordello, Pemberton Music Festival, and some independent local shows.
  • I owned a car for 3 months, and it was pretty much free of charge, thanks to the wicked step mother from the west for buying a new honda element!
  • For the first time ever, I got fired, and laid off (separate occasions). Not really a good thing, but it was adventurous!
  • Although I didn’t get a vacation this year, I had about 2 months off due to the previous item.
  • I managed to trek up to Pemberton not once, but twice this year.
  • I managed to pay my rent on time every month, and have kept up with my bills, only having to ask my parents for money once this year.
  • I learned some new knitting techniques, and started crafting a lot more.
  • I feel like i’m getting closer to my parents, now that i’m getting older and can appreciate more.
  • I”ve developed some great friendships this year and look forward to their continuance.
  • I actually got some new winter gear that will keep me dry including some Dr. Martens and a coat!
  • I had my first shot at some sort of relationship, which didn’t end up working out, but now that I have a bit of experience under my belt, I can get out there and feel confident.

Things that sucked this year:

  • Steve moved away, and I lost my partner in crime.
  • I’ve realized that boys are way too complicated. It’s hard when you’re emotionally attached, because in the end, all they do is cause drama. Is it too much to ask for when I say I want an easygoing, honest relationship?
  • Finding a job when the economy is in recession actually is harder than it was before.
  • I’ve had serious technical problems with technology, mostly including liquids. Losing 30 Gb of music has made me die a little inside.
  • I’m still living in the same tiny place, still below ground, without laundry.
  • The job that I was most set on keeping laid me off before anyone else in the office, and on Halloween, at that. And I’m not bragging or anything, but I was the hardest working temp they had. Sure I had some minor setbacks like going on Facebook or clashing a little with one of my supervisors, but work came before play, and there’s only so many emails you can respond to without feeling like your soul is crushing. 
  • My horoscopes are never right.
  • In the last couple of months, I haven’t gone out nearly enough.
  • I”m getting a little lonely. But that may just have developed over the last few weeks. Most of my friends have gone across the country for the holidays, so I have been spending a lot of time watching The Office and knitting.

So there you have it! This list isn’t nearly complete, but there’s only so much you can remember after a full year has gone by. I’d say the things I’d like to accomplish this upcoming year would be finding a job I care about with good pay, potentially looking into going back to school, starting a somewhat long-term relationship with someone (I guess I don’t really have too much control over that), and maybe moving out of this little basement suite and into something a little more spacious. 

On a bit of a side note, I spoke with Steve (more on the sit-chee-ation on this post) and he said that his old boss is getting his business registered and wants Steve to come back to work for him. To make things better, he’s offering Steve the opportunity to take over the whole videography section of his company!!! So there is potential of him coming back next year! We’re just waiting for Eric to get his side dealt with, then Steve can apply for whatever he needs to in order to come back!! Maybe we can find a place above ground when he (and I) start making some more money. Is that getting my hopes up too high?


One response to “End of the Year Shennanigans

  1. Oh my gosh! I hope Stevel comes back next year – that would be amazing! At the same time, he can’t live in Canada for forever – maybe a better place to put your hopes is in a savings plan so you can go visit him once a year?

    I hope next year is all excitement and comfort for you – and that more of it is spent above ground = )

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