I remember, for the most part.

New Year’s Eve was a blast.

For the most part, I remember. I remember drinking a glass of wine at 5:30 with my roommate, then continuing on with another during our hair and makeup gossip session. I then remember meeting Kaity and Jenn at Broadway so we could proceed to the excellent SkyTrain party, put on by someone I do not know. I remember having the best time, and feeling like a sardine (which is normal for the SkyTrain). I remember providing a napkin for Dav, whom I distinctly remember seeing throwing up in his mouth a little beforehand. Yuck. I remember getting away with all sorts at that party, such as deliberate vandalism of ads hung above our heads with a distinct black eyeliner pencil and smoking someone’s mary jane. I remember our drawn-on mustaches, and how I wanted so badly to be Hitler.

I remember having to pee. I remember getting off of the train at Main and Terminal. Sketchville, with toilets. And lots of ice. I remember not wearing the appropriate boots for the weather, and falling. A lot. On my bare knees. I remember Kaity and Jenn walking in front of me for most of the trip, not stopping when I fell. (It’s cool, guys, we were on a mish.. I understand, I guess.) I remember waiting for the bus at 9:30, deciding I wouldn’t have any more alcohol for a while. I do not remember losing the rest of my alcohol. Must’ve happened soon after the decision was made. I hope someone in need found that Sprite bottle filled with vodka. 

I remember getting to Jenn’s house, and pulling my stockings off as soon as I got there, as they were falling off of  me the entire route so far, and I wasn’t about to let them stop me any more.  I remember leaving Jenn’s, and getting on another bus? Okay, so I don’t remember that part. I do remember somehow making my way onto the SkyTrain again. To Edmonds. Then walking (and falling) to a house party in suburbia, which was fantastic. A lot of people I didn’t know that were a little older than Kaity and I, but all in all, from what I remember, they were extremely nice people. Great hosts, and great spinach dip. I remember watching the countdown at 45seconds to midnight. I remember hearing some guy say, ‘I’m going to French kiss the closest person to me!’ and him grabbing my shoulder, pulling me closer to him. I remember heading towards Kaity and Jenn and kissing them instead. Both at the same time. 

I remember Dave (I’m pretty sure that’s his name) and Jenn walking Kaity and I to the SkyTrain station shortly after midnight. I remember trying to help push a car from it’s spot, falling once more when it started moving on it’s own, faster than I. I remember Jenn pushing Kaity into a snowbank, and Kaity whipping a snowball in Jenn’s face. I remember Dave asking if they were going to be okay, not k nowing if they were joking or not. 

I remember getting to the SkyTrain, and the wretched snow falling once more. I remember parting ways with Kaity, even after many drunken invites to go to her boyfriend’s party. I don’t really remember how I got home. I remember making macaroni and cheese and watching The Office until 3am, then falling asleep.

I remember waking up to some horrible bruises on my knees the next morning. Pictures will be updated, maybe tomorrow.


One response to “I remember, for the most part.

  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time – happy 2009!

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