Accountants Suck.

Ring ring ring…. 


‘Hey, Amber, it’s Henry’ (my boss at Our Town)

‘Oh, hey Henry. What’s up?’

‘Well, I just thought I would let you know… I’m actually quite upset right now. I’m sorry, but I think you may have heard already… There was a mix-up with my old accountant, and it looks like all of the reserves that I thought were there, aren’t there at all. I’m really sorry. I know I promised you full time, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen right now. So I’m cutting the 12-5 midshift entirely, and all 5:30 to close shifts will be starting at 6:30 instead.’

‘Yeah, I heard about it a little. That’s okay, Henry. I’ve been looking for a second job anyway, so just let me know what kind of schedule you’d like me to work, or need me for and I would be happy to find something accommodating. I’m really sorry to hear that.’

‘Thank you so much for being understanding. Like I said, I had no idea that this was coming and I am so happy that you’re okay with this. ‘

‘Yeah, I’ll figure something out, I guess. *sigh* So, do you want me to come in at 6:30 today instead of 5:30?’

“Oh! You’re working today? Yeah, that would be really great. I didn’t realize you were working.’

‘Yeah, Elizabeth and I switched. So, see you at 6:30, then?’

‘Yeah, see you then. Amber, thanks again.’

‘No problem, Henry.’

My boss’s accountant screwed up by $30,000! This was the phone conversation we had the day after he found out about the whole shebang. Thus, Awmb is now looking for job #2 once again. But desparately. Oh so desperately. I looked at the most recent schedule, and they’ve got me down for midshifts 2 days a week. Meaning, 8-10 hours a week. That definitely doesn’t pay the bills. 

If there are any Vancouverite readers out there and have any tips, send them my way! Please??! 

Other than the horrible news, I’ve been making decent tips in the last couple weeks, and have decided not to touch any of the money in my bank account until absolutely necessary. I can easily live off of my tips for the next little while, while I still have shifts that is. 

Ugh. I just realized that tax season is coming up, and I can’t even count the number of jobs I’ve had this year. I think the total is between 5 and 7.


One response to “Accountants Suck.

  1. Oh sweetie – I’m so sorry! I’m glad that you’re already looking for another job, but that’s a nightmare = ( Feel better!

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