Good Things Come To People That Wait

It’s weird how things really have to get worse before they get better. In the last 3 months I have felt as if the universe was trying to send me a sign, mainly to sit in a corner and stay there. I can just imagine a bright red blinking neon sign that says, ‘Just Stop Trying’ (See also: The Most Depressing Blog Ever). I’ve been searching for a job for the last 3 months, and really haven’t had much luck. As well, my computer completely crapped out on me the other day. 

However, it seems like the end of this week as been nothing but good news!

1. I went online and bought a refurbished 32Gb iPod Touch from Apple. The thing is, they’re brand new and there probably aren’t any that have been returned yet, so they weren’t in stock, and I knew that when I ordered. The next day I get an email apologizing that they couldn’t ship my purchase, and to kindly accept this free upgrade to a new iPod touch. No delays, and no additional cost.

2. My friend Justin is moving to Victoria, and being hippie-like and minimalistic, he figured that he didn’t need his computer when he left. He knew that I was in the market for a new computer, so he offered to sell it to me for $300! 

3. I called my step-mom the last night and asked for a small loan for the computer and she said that she could meet with me the next day. When I got to New West to meet up with her, she handed me the money and said, ‘Consider it your early birthday present.’ Fuck yes! I bought the computer 2 hours later, and it seems to be working quite well!

4. I had the best interview on Thursday, resulting in a call back offering me the job on Friday, and starting this Monday!! It’s a call centre position downtown, offering me a decent wage, and benefits after 3 months. Also, it’s on the 18th floor and has an amazing view of the city! I’ll be working there Monday-Friday, and at Our Town for 2 shifts a week, hopefully making it so that I will have one day off a week. I gotta do laundry, son!

5. Yesterday when I was at work I found $20 on the floor on the customer side of the cash register. I felt really guilty taking it, but didn’t know who’s it was for sure, so I split it with the girl I was working with, hoping that it will bring me good karma.

6. I picked up an old sewing machine (still works!) off of Vancouver Freecycle. And guess what? It was free!!!

7. I went to Bons this morning with my roommates and ran into a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a really long time. He’s part of a band called Trike. He and his partner toured in Europe for 7 months last year, just finished their tour across Canada, and are headed back to Europe for an indefinite amount of time. Stephen happens to be in Vancouver until Tuesday, and I found him in the most likely spot. He ended up joining our table, and afterwards, him and I walked down the Drive to Turks, where he caught up with a few people. I went to work happy to have run into him and to have spent time with him before he left. 

8. I finally decided to read The Great Gatsby. I tried about a year ago, and couldn’t get past the first couple pages. I’m almost halfway into it and it’s turning out really well!

In the last few days, I feel like all of the bad karma I’ve been carrying around with me has disappeared, and the light is shining brightly (in spite of the weatherman forecasting snow), and it has been super warm! It feels so long ago that I felt even slightly social and I definitely haven’t been too keen on venturing out of the house. But I feel the tides a changin’, and am completely optimistic that this spring is coming shortly!


Image from Deviantart. 'Spring' by RitUsik

Image from Deviantart. 'Spring' by RitUsik


One response to “Good Things Come To People That Wait

  1. Oh Amber that’s amazing! Congrats!! = D And running into Steven and a new job? Seriously, how awesome is your Spring going to be?

    I’m SO happy for you!

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