To Do, and Done. I’m Spent.

Saturday To Do:

Get up at a reasonable hour and go to the bank.
Call Jessie, Kyla, Steve and my parents.
Go to Value Village with Taylor.
Figure out how to renew my Driver’s License and Passport.
Lunch or coffee with Dad.
Go grocery shopping.

Not only was my Saturday, but my whole week was so hectic! I started my new job, and training was incredibly brutal. Sitting in a little room all day trying to retain as much information as possible isn’t too much fun for one day, let alone an entire week. I ended up working a total of 8 days straight. The last 2 days consisted of me getting up at 6:30am get to work at Cymax at 8:00, and then starting work at O.T. at 6:30-11:30pm. I seriously just wanted to collapse with exhaustion every day. But things should be getting to a slightly better routine once I get my schedule for O.T. tonight.

Highlights of the week included getting my iPod (!!!), making a case for it, going shopping at V.V. Boutique yesterday, and going grocery shopping today. Yay for music, food and clothing! 


iPod Cozy

My handmade iPod Cozy by: ME!



I ❤ my new bag!



I broke down and bought a curling iron, and fell in love. Oh, and this is my new skirt. My favourite part is the buttons!


I apologize for the lack of posts, but hopefully as soon as I get this whole routine figured out it will be better.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


One response to “To Do, and Done. I’m Spent.

  1. Nice find!! Value Village > Joe. = )

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