You Know You Live In East Van When…

…you hear sirens and yelling outside your window saying, ‘Get the fuck down! Get down NOW!’ Then you peak your head out the window and see the cops arrest someone on the other side of the fence of the property, letting him know that he’s being arrested for charges of assault and reading off his rights.

This is one of the many sketchy things that happens in my neighbourhood. Amongst the homeless sleeping in doorways of closed businesses, prostitutes on their way down to Hastings asking you for a cigarette, and signs like ‘$$$ for my pussy’ (hopefully referring to their cat), this is typically expected, and accepted as a normal occurance in my area.

Our area is also at quite a high risk of theft, as we learned this summer when our place was broken into. Two laptops and a few knick knacks, one being my piggy bank, were stolen. There has been a note on the inside of the front door for the last two years that reads, ‘Please make sure all windows are shut and locked before you leave!’ assuming locking the door would be a given.

However, one of my current roommates has a horrible tendency of forgetting to lock the door! I have come home multiple times to find the door not locked, and as soon as I get it open, I run through the house to make sure nothing was taken, then call my roommates to let them know. To make things worse, this has happened twice in the last week!

The first time I was worried, and then explained that it is very important that the door is shut. I understand about being absent minded, and was forgiving. The second time, which was yesterday, I didn’t know what to say. I was quite upset, but didn’t want to sound like I was nagging so I didn’t say anything when she came home. I just can’t believe you could forget about something like that. And one of the computers that got stolen this summer was hers!

Am I wrong for not telling her the second time? I’ve expressed how I feel to her a few times about this occurance, and we’ve never really had any issues about communication, but I’m afraid of getting broken into again. Especially after seeing an arrest within the last half hour. 

Ugh. I want to move.


One response to “You Know You Live In East Van When…

  1. Oh Awmbs!! No!! Ahh!! What the hell is that about?!

    I think you should talk to her again and just express your concern. Don’t accuse but definitely bring it up. I know that when I was staying with you I felt totally 110% safe, it sounds like she forgets the reality of where you guys live. It’s beautiful & safe – and at the same time it’s East Van. Sometimes it’s East Van shows & being prepared and careful is the only thing to do.

    I’m so excited for when you DO move! That’ll be so much fun!

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