Moving? Ferreal?

Giving your month’s notice to move is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Before 2 days ago, I had been putting it off for at least 3 months. I have been living in the same place for almost 2 years; a very small basement suite with 3 bedrooms (one that should really be a closet), tiny kitchen and the only bathroom that includes steps up to the shower/toilet that I’ve ever seen anywhere else, ever. Although this place has proved to be amazing time and time again, it has still been bringing me down. The constant lack of sunlight, and depressing fact that no matter how much I clean, this place will never feel any less grungy has made me feel a little icky more and more as the days go by.

I’m going to try to begin to start where my procrastination of finding a new place began.

1.The dreadful month you have to look for a new place is so stressful! While you’re dealing with your every day routine, you have to put it aside to look for a place suitable for you to live in. How are you expected to find the perfect place when you only have a month? I mean, location, damage deposit, ideal budget of how much you’d like to be spending on rent every month.. it’s a lot of pressure.

2.I would rather not live alone if I have a choice. I find that I get too bored and lonely too fast, and am ultimately unhappy. But, I don’t really know anyone who’s moving right now, so I keep trudging along.

3. The few people that I would like to live with have kept saying that they would like to live with me, and are working on their own lives to see if it’s ever possible, and I’ve been here… patiently waiting.

4.Will I ever get my damage deposit back? I highly doubt it.
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5.It’s not guaranteed that you’re going to find the ideal place.

6.The actual moving part… don’t get me started.

7.Searching and applying for places can be tough, especially when trying to do it with another person. It’s really intimidating when you’re out hunting and you see 25 people on the list before your name. You feel like you should stand out some how to make the landlord like you, but you don’t want to stick out too much that they’ll write you off as a potential tenant forever.

There’s probably more, but we’ll stop there. This blog isn’t supposed to be about my hardships of living in this hole, it’s about moving!  I can officially say that I gave my notice 2 days ago, and I’m lovin’ it like Mc Lovin’. I’m actually excited to start looking for a place! I am looking to settle down a little more and actually find a place that I would like to live in for an indefinite amount of time, and something that I can start to make my own. I want to have my own furniture that isn’t the landlord’s or another roommate’s. I want to make my house cute and filled with little crafty things. I gave two months notice so I have plenty of time to look for the perfect place, and am willing to pay more to move in a little earlier. I’m still going to be looking for a place on the Drive still, and am not willing to settle for anything but above ground.

One of my current roommates and I will be looking for a place together, and I’ve heard an update with Steve! He may be able to come back to Vancouver sooner than we think!

I’m excited for this huge change! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to be too lazy and choose not to forget to put my clean laundry away for weeks at a time, hang out with my rat, eat, sleep and watch movies, it’ll just be in a more comfortable, cool place! Hurray!




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