A Glimpse of Motivation

I’ve been thinking a lot about what path I’m following in my life and what I will get out of it. I know that a house, lover and kids are far down the road, so I’ve started focusing on myself. It was mainly brought on when I was asked to write the review for the art school I attended. I started thinking about the skill that I had acquired that I enjoyed applying and am doing nothing with. The hundreds of dollars I have paid in student loans towards interest alone, that have gotten me nowhere.

Why am I not using this, again? I graduated a little over 2 years ago, and have way too many excuses for not pursuing a career in the makeup industry. Wanna hear them? Okay, cool.

1. The industry is too competitive and chauchy. I don’t want to have to work in a place where I don’t fit in, and am not comfortable with. I wouldn’t be able to wok in a place where I would have to keep up to date with what all of the hot girls are wearing nowadays.

2. I don’t have that much experience, and when I get the opportunity to work I feel lazy. These really do go hand in hand. The laziness is more of a disguise for my feeling of intimidation. I don’t want to work with someone that I don’t know, when I barely have any products and haven’t worked in the industry for so long. I’m afraid I just wouldn’t do a good job, or they would feel like I was 100% unprofessional.

3. I don’t have a lot of product left that’s usable, and don’t have the money to buy more. I can’t afford to take time off to work on set, and I wouldn’t be getting paid for it anyway. I don’t have enough experience to get paid for what I do, making it harder to buy more product.

These are pretty much the only reasons I have for getting an office job where I work 9-5 instead of pursuing something that has put me into debt by $10,000 and is something that I actually enjoy. While I was writing the review I was asked to submit a photo to go with the article. As I started sifting through all of my old photos, uploading huge original images from photo shoots, I started realizing how much I missed it. I miss being creative and making people feel good about how they look. I miss going into makeup stores and drooling over every colour I could get my hands on.

So, alas, the point to my post! I have decided that I am going to start small and work my way up. I want to start doing creative shoots with other people looking to build their portfolio. I figure this will be less intimidating for me because they will be in the same boat, or floating close by. I have a few friends that would love to model for me this summer, and a couple people that could pull off being photographers for the day. I’ll be able to work with these people to create something that I can show, and to hopefully get an image that I can use for a business card sometime soon.

My first step is to talk to the freelance photographer that works in my office who has been asking some of the other girls to model for her. If I can get an in with an actual photographer, I think it will be an amazing opportunity. Another thing I’m looking forward to would definitely be the Vancouver Zombie Walk on August 15th, where 4 or 5 of my friends will join me in “goring it up”. Can’t wait!

Here are a few photos from my portfolio right now!

Purple anyone?

Purple anyone?



Ever wonder what you'll look like later?

Ever wonder what you'll look like later?


3 responses to “A Glimpse of Motivation

  1. Starting small is always a good approach! You are obviously very talented, so get on it!

  2. Love the new layout on your blog, first of all! This is way more you- I love it =)

    I also love your portfolio pieces, so cool! You’ll get back into the swing of things in no time I’m sure =)

  3. Hm. I’ve had much the same experience with “film school.”

    Sort of fun, costs a shitload of money, generally worthless for starting a career if you don’t know anybody who wants to hire you.


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