Dear Stairs, I won’t admit my defeat. So there.

It’s so weird when you have the realization that you’re working an office job, not eating properly, and not exercising. Not to mention that spring is the season everyone starts getting into gear with health, preparing for summer. I’ve started to notice that some of my old clothes are getting tighter, and that I run out of breath easily when riding my bike up the slightest hills. So I’ve decided to get back into it. Eating right, exercising a bit every day and trying to cut back on smoking. My goal, which is pretty reasonable, is to walk home once a week, go to the free gym at work once a week, go to open gymnastics at UBC once a week, and go for a short-medium length bike ride the rest of the days.

On the topic of open gymnastics at UBC, I guess I’ll add that I went last night, and it was actually quite rewarding! Being one of those kids that never learned how to do a cartwheel, it has been my new ambition. So, Jessie and I went, paid our $8 and had a great workout. She specialized in gymnastics when she was younger, and was even an instructor at some point. It took all but tears, but I finally…. was able to sort of land on my feet in the midst of a terrible attempt! But, next week is just another opportunity for success!

Leaving 30 minutes earlier than most, Jess and I felt sore, but rejuvenated! I was glad we didn’t push our bodies too hard by staying longer, and was ready to have a shower and go to bed. My legs were somewhat unstable, and I knew the next day would hurt like hell.

After parting and getting off the bus, I headed home with those plans in mind. Before going straight in, I decided to briefly check the mail upstairs. I grabbed the envelopes containing nothing but bills for me and my roommate, I started down the stairs. Suddenly, my legs became jelly, I tripped, and fell down about 5 or 6 stairs face first. In mid air I realized what was happening, loosened my limbs, and let it happen. My roommate ended up hearing the crash from our basement suite and ran outside to see what had happened, and I had just gotten up and was picking my belongings up off of the ground. Limping around, I felt pretty defeated, ate a bit, had a shower and called my work to leave a message saying that I may not be able to make it in the next day.

And that’s exactly what happened. I woke up this morning feeling somewhat okay, then tried pushing myself out of bed and felt shooting pains in my right wrist. Making a quick decision to go back to bed was pretty much the best thing I could do. I got up closer to 10am and tried to relax for the rest of the day. And despite the damage I did to myself, I am typing with ever-so-little movement of my right hand. Here’s some other damage I did to myself last night. *cringe*

Upper thigh bruises aren't fun!

Upper thigh bruises aren't fun!

I also had another realization today. Daytime television really sucks. Being immobile on a hot summer day (not to mention that one of my tires on my bike is flat) also really sucks. I was excited to get some running around done today, like getting groceries and new inner tubes for my bike, but every step I took was more painful than the last. Alas, house ridden, I wasted so much time Stumbled Upon some new and exciting blogs! Guys, meet Katie Cupcake, This Old Dress, Aux Petits Oiseaux and Anna Maria Horner.

After losing interest in trying to read small text for any length of time, I tried to clean my house a bit. But honestly, there isn’t a lot I could do without both hands! Like picking up laundry and dishes… and as previously mentioned… walking isn’t so easy. So after staring at the crafting materials strewn across my room, I figured a movie and a new iPod cozy would suffice. I threw on Dazed and confused, and followed Crafty Daisies’ iPod Cozy Tutorial.

iPod Cozy Front

iPod Cozy Front

iPod Cozy Back

iPod Cozy Back

I’m extremely excited to show this one off! I also made one for Jessie a few days ago when she was over.

Welp, that’s my time. I’ll be trying to remain active for the next part of the week without dying. Maybe I’ll just give up until Friday. Then I’ll hopefully be healed.

What do you do to pass the time on days like this?

Ps. If anyone’s interested in an iPod cozy, I will custom design one for you for $10. Just comment and let me know! That goes for any of the other crafty stuff on this blog. Go nuts!


2 responses to “Dear Stairs, I won’t admit my defeat. So there.


    But I’m sorry you got wounded! And OUCH that bruise looks killer! My lower back hurt from the back layouts last night, but I feel great now. I had a wonderful evening!

    I hope your wrist is feeling better and you are able to work tomorrow! Ice it, take a little ibuprofen, drink water, and rest! Eat restorative foods! I love you!

  2. So pretty, miss! You’re so talented! I’ve been… worrying in my days off lol If you’re off we should skype!! Let me know when you’re around?

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