Sleepy Zombie.

I feel like I’ve been in this weird rut lately. Maybe rut isn’t the best word to use, because I have been having tons of fun, but nothing has been habitual or normal for me. I’ve been drinking more than I have all year, and enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. I’ve been exploring parts of the city that I haven’t before. I’ve been making new friends, and slightly lacking my communication in current ones (sorry, by the way). Although this has all been fine and dandy and a ton of fun, there’s something that just feels unsettled for me.

It could be that school is starting soon, and however much I convince myself I need to go back, I always see the semesters slipping by. It could be that I’m a little off balance because my roommate is gone for an entire month and I’m halfway there. But I don’t think that’s it, because I’ve enjoyed having the place to myself. It could just be that my little homebody self hasn’t been home very much, and it’s getting tired. But maybe this is just work related and I’ve accidentally taken it home.

For the most part I don’t like talking about work unless I’m there, but it still is part of my life. That being said, Friday was the hardest day of being with this company so far. Our department has been completely understaffed, and our work has been slowly catching up to us. We are having 2 out of 5 of us go on vacation this week, and I am currently inevitably stuck on Tuesday’s emails. Although they have been training people to temporarily take over, it has all been very overwhelming.

They asked us to come in on Saturday, which I hastily declined, as Vancouver’s annual Zombie walk was yesterday and there was no way in hell I was going to miss it. I asked if I could come in on Sunday instead, and they didn’t have a problem with it, but by the time today came, I procrastinated by sleeping in until 1:30pm then said, ‘Welp, no use in going in now.’ It’s just so hard to get motivated when you don’t know where to start.

On another topic, the Vancouver Zombie walk was a ton of fun. There were 2,000+ undead that attended, and the fact that every source of public transportation was covered in corn syrup was amazing. Here are some photos for you to enjoy:





After the zombie walk I ended up getting home, showering and crashing into my bed with the light still on. I soundly slept for a few hours then got up to watch some Monty Python, then went back to sleep again. My plan to get up and meander downtown to pitch in a few hours of overtime was extremely unsuccessful. I slept until 1:30pm and watched more Monty Python. But don’t blame me for not wanting to spend my Sunday afternoon sitting in a lonely office working!!!

This week I don’t have too much planned, and don’t really want to. My goals for the week are to eat at home rather than eating out, not buying liquor, making a fabric necklace, and enjoying my camera that will now actually take pictures! Here’s to a week of stability and tranquility.

What are you doing this week?


2 responses to “Sleepy Zombie.

  1. I love the zombie walk pictures, and I’m sorry you’re in a rut miss! You know what will solve it? More skype dates. For serious. ❤

  2. Hi! I followed the link from one of Kyla’s tweets, hope that’s ok. I can understand your feeling of being in a rut. I’ve felt that myself at various times the past few months.

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