Comfort Food and Cool Air

Yesterday was one of the most incredible Mondays of my life. Work was surprisingly great, and I ended up having the perfect amount of productivity/procrastination combo that got the job done. After that I ran into an old childhood friend/roommate that I haven’t talked to in almost a year, and she came over for dinner. I made my ultimate comfort food of the season (potato leek soup) and apple crisp out of the apples from the tree in the back yard! Then I sat and read for about an hour before bed. The only thing I didn’t do was burn off all of my calorie intake by going to yoga. But I’ve got a schedule for the next two, if not three days that I’m determined to follow.

Some other things I am completely in love with this week:

‘’the wind and I we speak the same but he don’t hear so well, if you’re gonna have to curse him then you’re gonna have to yell.’’

-Chalk Boards!

-New blogs! Siljevanilje and A Beautiful Mess

-My best friend Taylor. There is a definite reason why we were meant to be together. Here’s the string of texts throughout our day:
taylor: i’m brokexors. banana and nutella from francels rents for me
me: with the lingo in that text there’s a reason you’re my bestie. really lovel.
taylor:aw lovel too shmoogle poogle. have a sane day!
me:haha you too liver loaf chicken butt brain smoogle snoogler. hahaha
taylor:laugh out loud for cereal! bye-l!

This song reminds me of Kyla, and not just because it mentions Winnipeg. ❤

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Yes, this is Elvis "The King" Spanking a Young Broad

Yes, this is Elvis "The King" Spanking a Young Broad


One response to “Comfort Food and Cool Air

  1. I love that first song. 🙂

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