It’s a mysterious surprise!


Over in the continent many people are starting to plan what they will be for Halloween this year. Many may already have their costumes, and some may have no clue what they’ll be. I am glad to say that I went to my favourite craft store in all of Vancouver, and bought the supplies I need to work on my get up for the year. I don’t think I will be able to disclose what I’m being for Halloween just yet, and that I will have to let you keep guessing until the time comes. I feel that it’ll be better this way, and will keep some of the fun for the actual night we’re waiting for.

ps. The album of the day has been Blonde Redhead  – Misery is a Butterfly. I just got this album, and cannot believe that I have lived without it for so long.


4 responses to “It’s a mysterious surprise!

  1. I’m never very good at coming up with a Halloween costume. My friends in Columbus always have a party, I havent decided if I am going and/or if I will dress up.

  2. Oh Halloween! We don’t celebrate it in NZ. Well, I never did. And my folks always closed the gates on the 31st so we didn’t get the random trick-or-treaters, either. Hope your Halloween is grand! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait! I need to see the results. Immediately.

  4. Heeeeey that rat is trying to put his tail up that lady’s skirt!

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