Awmb turns 1 today!


Today marks 365 days of this little blog being in existence! I started writing here to try a different way of recording my thoughts. Rather than writing in a journal, I would be able to organize my thoughts easier, and portray them differently if I typed them. Whenever I have a physical paper journal, I tend to lose interest after the first month or so writing in it. For the first couple of weeks I go crazy with decorating and collecting clippings and taping everything I can fit in it. But after a while, it starts to feel like a burden or chore, so I get lazy and procrastinate.

This blog and I have gone through a lot in the past year. Previously mentioned technology fail, childhood stories, craft projects, moving into a new house, and all of the other day to day stuff that I feel the need to share to whoever’s listening out there has taught me that I can still stay on board as long as I keep the train going. The people I have met along the way have been crucial to this success! Thank you guys so much for your comments and emails and ping! messages whenever they were called for.

Stay tuned for future tales from the life of Awmb. They’re out there somewhere. But for now, here’s a nice song for you (the part where he is drumming on the watermelon is my favourite). Thanks for stopping by!


6 responses to “Awmb turns 1 today!

  1. Happy bloggy birthday!! I am so glad to know you. :]

  2. Happy blog-o-versary!! Love you madly!!

  3. Happy birthday! :o)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday (a day late)!

  5. Happy First Birthday! Yay! 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary!! And ❤ Beirut 🙂

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