No time like thrifting time.

Lately I have been prioritizing reading other people’s blogs rather than writing in my own. This whole NaNoWriMo thing is killing me. I have at least 40 blogs that I am subscribed to, which half of them are committed to writing 50,000 words in one month. Times that amount by 20, and you get 1,000,000 words that I have to read in a month. And to think that I was already freaking out about that little bold number in the unread column of my reader before this whole thing started.

Regardless of how many unread items my friends have pending in my reader, I have been realizing that I have been unmotivated to write recently. Maybe not unmotivated, just busy. I have been trying to get my life organized so that I can have less things on my To Do list, and I have been doing pretty well at crossing at least one thing off per night. Tonight was calling my parents to see how their hunting trip went. I was calling them to make sure they didn’t shoot each other in the bush, and I have verified that they are still alive. I apologize in advance to all of the vegetarian/vegan readers Kyla and Jessie for the next few sentences. My parents went hunting twice this year and got 1 moose and 2 deer. They will be eating free range meat that they killed themselves. I find that very admirable, but am way too much of a priss to do it myself.

My conversation with my parents also included planning painting my room!!! Yes, that’s right. The moment you’ve been waiting for for months has come. I was dreaming about doing this in the summer (literally) and have finally gotten motivated to do it! My father is a painter by profession, and I have been bugging him for a couple of months to help me paint. Safe to say, this weekend we will be shoving everything into my closet, living room and middle of my bedroom and brightening the place up a bit! This photo doesn’t give it that much credit, but here you have it! The to be colour of Awmb’s room after this weekend. I will most definitely be posting photos once it has been completed.

The weekend that just passed was some kind of wonderful, I tell you. Friday night was filled with dancing at my new favourite-disgustingly cheap-filled with hipsters bar. We ended up missing every bus that passed us and walking home at 3am, not hesitating for one second to stop for pizza. Saturday was spent sleeping in until 130pm and then going to the good ol’ Value Village. I have been putting off going there for about 2 months because of the insane Halloween rush they get with people looking for cheap costume stuff in a crazed frenzy, and forgot how much I truly missed it. After Value Village, Taylor and I hit the couch and had a movie night with lots of burnt popcorn and Sour Patch Kids candy.

I truly do love the fact that I live on one of the hippest streets of the city. Sunday I got up early with a friend and went to our favourite breakfast place on Commercial Drive. I got the same thing I get every time, and we had fun hanging out and being cozy. Afterwards we went to a different Value Village (what can I say, I got the itch for cheap finds) and tried avoiding the rain as much as possible. Another movie night happened after that also. That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing lately. Oh, and reading. I started The Neverending Story, finally!

Here are a few skirts that I got:

What did you do this weekend?


5 responses to “No time like thrifting time.

  1. Oh I’m so jealous! I haven’t been thrifting in ages, I definitely need to go =)

  2. I grew up eating elk meat from my grandfathers hunting trips out west and there was always plenty of deer meat in the freezer. I am too much a priss to go hunting as well but I do love elk.

  3. Thrifting is one of my fave hobbies!

  4. NaNoWriMo is killing me too! I just can’t keep up. 😦

    Also – that is a gorgeous colour. I can’t wait to see your room painted. EEK! So exciting. 🙂

  5. LOVE the pattern of the one on the right! And I love the colours – they’re exactly what I would’ve picked too 🙂

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