Old Family Home Videos Make Me Smile.

This weekend was filled with excitement! I can’t believe that I’m still alive and feeling productive this week!

Friday night my father came down to Vancouver to visit and he decided he wanted to go to an NHL hockey game (my first ever) and our team actually won! I also got lost in the stadium and missed half of 2nd period, but what are you going to do? Saturday morning we got up early and converted my room to this:

After painting my room we made our way to visit my auntie and uncle where we hung out for a few hours catching up. We were surprised by my aunt when she pulled out a roast and asked if we minded eating late! I must say that we had the best dinner ever that night. It was like Christmas all on its own. While we were there we also looked at some old photos of the family where I found this little monster:

I was 4 years old in this photo, eating a peach from my grandmother’s tree in Peachland. It’s a real place! I’m not making it up, I swear!

Sunday was also filled with excitement. We went over to my other uncle’s house to visit for a while where he pulled out all of my grandfather’s old home movies he taped in the early ’90s. He has been meaning to transfer them to digital, but doesn’t have the experience to do it, so they have been sitting around for a few years. Cue me putting my hand in the air and waving it around wildly! I volunteered to transfer my grandpa’s 20 (or so) tapes into digital, and edit a DVD for the family. I started going through some of them Sunday night, and there are some real gems in there already! Including a lot of this guy (my very Russian grandfather):

If anyone has any experience in transferring Handycam videos to digital or editing, please let me know because I don’t!

I feel like I say this every post, but how was your weekend?


2 responses to “Old Family Home Videos Make Me Smile.

  1. I don’t know how to convert 😦 But my dad totally did this recently! He put all the tapes we’d recorded in the early nineties onto DVDs for me, David had a right laugh seeing me in my crop tops dancing around the garden miming Spice Girls stuff 🙂

    PS. I want to move to Peachland.

  2. Ah too much fun! There are all kinds of services that will just bulk digitize for you, but if you want to do that part yourself you need to rent a deck. We can talk about it this weekend!

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