An Old Friend, And A Fantastic Surprise

There are few people in this world that I am still friends with from when I was in high school. Most of the friends I had throughout my teens either moved out of the province, or my life in some way or another. There is an exception to the rule, however, and it has to do with a lovely lady named Kyla. We have only ever physically met twice, but each time has been incredibly fantastic.

Kyla and I first met when she came to British Columbia for the first time by herself. She was visiting a friend of her mother’s, and happened to be in the same place as I one night at the local Youth Centre. There was some event, and we were both disinterested teens looking to make conversation. We instantly clicked and were inseparable until the time she left my small hometown. We exchanged email addresses, and not long after that, phone numbers. It’s safe to say that she has been my long distance friend for more than 5 years, and she is the first person I call for anything that comes up. She is one of my closest friends, and I am so happy to have met her.

I remember speaking to her when I lived in Pemberton at my parents house when I was 17. And when I abruptly moved out a year later, she was there to talk me through it and taught me how to live on my own. She was there through my phone calls at 11:30pm when I was in school and experiencing the most gruelling budget problems I’ve ever live through, and was the first person I called when I found out that my house got broken into (both times). She sat patiently while I gulped and gasped and sobbed and was always supportive of every occurrence, and every decision I’ve made.

It wasn’t all tough, either. I have some tremendously happy memories of her calling me each time the semester was over, or that time she was freaking out about the fact that Mister had brought his mother’s engagement ring home for safe-keeping. An hour after that one I got another call from her where she shouted ‘we just got engaged! Holy crap Amber, I’m going to get married!‘ in my ear. I heard about the wedding arrangements, the new house and the new puppies!

She came to Vancouver to visit me on a whim in April of 2008 and it was phenomenal. After picking her up at the airport, all we could do was stare at each other in utter excitement. I swear for the first day all we could say was ‘Oh my freaking god. You’re actually here! I can’t believe it! You’re real!’ She was only here for 3 days, but we made it feel like so much longer. We went for food at my favourite hole in the wall breakfast place and went perusing vintage stores down Main St. I introduced her to the faces she had heard so much about, went to English Bay and even had time for a mid afternoon nap and movies!

After a year and a half of not seeing each other, Kyla randomly decided that she had waited long enough. 2 weeks ago, I got a random email from her saying, ‘essentially, I miss you like crazy. It’s stupid. I’m considering coming out to Vancouver from Dec 10 – 13th…’ I pretty much freaked out at her in all caps after that telling her that it was a complete must and that she had to come visit, and the next morning I got a text message saying that she had just bought her tickets! It all happened so suddenly that it didn’t even seem real!

We have been talking about what we’d like to do when she’s here, and I can say that I haven’t been this excited since the last time she came to visit. I cannot believe that she’s going to be here in 8 days! I don’t even care about what trouble we get into when she arrives. As long as we’re together, everything will be fantastic.

Kyla and I have been through more through phone and email than a caveman trying to live through the ice age. She is the one person that know who I was, and what I have become over the years and I am so thankful for it. I am so happy that she is coming to Vancouver visit, and cannot wait to see her!


6 responses to “An Old Friend, And A Fantastic Surprise

  1. AWMBER. You made me all teary before 7 AM =D

    You are the sweetest person, and I’m so excited to see you that I really can’t even go into it. Only I will, because I get to see you next week!!!

    Thank you so, so much Amber. You’re getting a long e-mail my friend ❤

  2. Oh wow!! So exciting! 🙂 Kyla has always seemed like such an amazing person, you’re lucky to know her IRL. But I bet you knew that huh? 😉


  3. I’m so excited for both of you!! It’ll be an amazing few days 🙂

  4. I am ridiculously jealous, hope you two have a BRILLIANT time! 🙂

  5. This is so sweet. I’m so excited for you guys! It’s going to be awesome.

  6. So excited for you to see each other and have a reunion. You two have an incredible friendship, I’m sure your visit till be all sorts of wonderful.

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