Visit from Kyla

I’ve had mixed opinions about this week, but I have concluded that I am going to focus on the positively fun rather than the potential-I-hate-my-life negative ones. Kyla arrived in Vancouver on Thursday and I could not wait to see her. I was patient through work and distracted myself for 2 hours afterwards while she was meeting up with another friend of hers. Finally, the moment arrived and I met her (and briefly Hillary) and started wondering the city. We spent all of 5 minutes exchanging excited hellos when she started feeling sick. Soon thereafter, it became apparent that she was not feeling well at all and we were on a mission for medicine and food. We spent the night catching up, and trying to find warmth within restaurants and a friend’s house.

The next day Kyla said she still wasn’t feeling well and had decided to move her flight up earlier. Being halfway through the most unpleasant work day of my life, that news was devastating. I couldn’t believe that our would be cut down by more than a full day. That being said, I calmed down quickly after having a chat with Taylor, and decided that I was going to ignore the fact that she was leaving, and be thankful that she had even come in the first place.

We met outside our house, dragged her bag that was twice the size of her inside, and took off our coats. Within 5 seconds of glancing at me, Kyla burst out laughing at the fact that we had the exact same outfit on. It’s hilarious how your similarities are so obvious sometimes. We went out for Indian food, came home, watched Dr. Horrible and laughed. Hard. I don’t remember the last time someone made me laugh like Kyla.

The next day was filled with Cafe Deux Soleils breakfast and a Christmas gift exchange. I must say, that if nobody gets me anything else for Christmas, I’d be satisfied with this stuff as it is. She gave me her old Pentax K1000, 6 rolls of film,  Style Statement, and some magnificent green skeins of wool yarn. Jackpot!

After breakfast and presents we made made our way to the airport on the skytrain and said our farewells a bit more hastily than we wished for, but genuine. The time we spent together was short, and we didn’t get to do a lot of what we had in mind, but it was nice not to rush things and go with the flow. Although it was sad to see her gone so fast, I can’t believe how natural it felt spending time with her! I am so glad that she came to Vancouver, and promise to head to Winnipeg next year, for serious.

What did you do this weekend?

ps. I made a new scarf.


8 responses to “Visit from Kyla

  1. Awww, I am sad that her visit was cut down to, but I am envious of BOTH of you—I’d love to meet you both. xo

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  3. It was so good to see you Ambs, but I got home and seriously just shook and was in and out of it all yesterday, and this morning doesn’t feel any different. It’s lame that I had to bail, but I’m glad I came out! It was amazing to see you and to catch up in person- and I’m glad that whatever I have hasn’t dropped you like it has me lol

  4. I’m sorry it was cut short too but I’m glad you guys got to have fun still! The same thing hit me a couple of years ago – I spent MONTHS planning a trip back to England, and I was going to meet up with a friend in Ireland who I hadn’t seen in years and years – we had all sorts of plans to go out and about the streets of Dublin, and when I got there I got a severe attack of the Man Flu and spent the whole two days not talking ’cause my throat hurt so bad, carrying boxes of tissues, and sleeping – it was the biggest let-down ever!! 😦

    I hope you do come visit next year!! And I love your lovely scarf 🙂

  5. It’s so great that you guys got to meet up for a while, even if it was a little truncated by sickness. I’m a little bloggy jealous – I think I just need to move to Canada. Also – that scarf is HOT.

  6. Isn’t she awesome? Kyla, I can’t believe you got sick!! Aww, I hope you got better quick. And come back to Vancouver!

  7. ah… cafe deux soleils breakfasts… mmm.
    well, it seems you made the best out of the short time she was there. that’s cool. 😀

  8. Glad to hear that you and Kyla had fun together!

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