Controlled Disaster

I’ve never been much of an organized person. I have tried calendars, day planners, journals, lists, etc. and nothing seems to work for me. When trying to keep a journal, I tend to obsess over the cover of it, rather than its contents. I’ll start a day planner and I will lose interest or go off track. Inevitably, within a month or two, most methods stop working entirely. 

That being said, my disorganization catches up to me every once in a while, and I try again. Last week it really caught up to me. I felt as though my life is spinning out of control into a bottomless lake with tons and tons of sea monsters. I started feeling guilty for spending money, and every purchase I made was another reminder that I wasn’t saving. I felt guilty about spending money on things that I needed. Trying to calm my mind, I decided to start making lists of things to keep myself more organized. To keep track of the money I spend, and to ultimately keep track of my day to day tasks. 

This was pretty much the worst idea of my life. I made lists that included everything I knew I had to do that day, breaking it down to brushing my teeth and making dinner. I started becoming more and more neurotic by the hour. I became incredibly anxious when I didn’t complete a chore on time or in order, and I needed to rewrite my lists immediately so I could get my life back on track. I felt as though I was constantly sitting at the edge of a chair, and my heart was always racing.

Since when was I so crazy? Last time I checked, I was the worst at planning. So the fact that I was trying to plan every point of every minute of every day was a disaster waiting to happen. And I realized that at the end of the week when I looked at my lists and had nothing written for the weekend. Obviously this planning was going off of the radar and needed to be turned down a few hundred notches. 

Micromanaging life is never a great idea. But trying to maintain stability is. That doesn’t mean that you have to become a crazy person during the process. After my recent escapade, I decided to start pursuing organization in the things that I love, rather than the things that make me stress. With a lot of down time, I got to start on a few projects that I have been wanting to get into. I started learning a lot about photography from a friend’s school handouts and online at Digital Photography School (this website is amazing, people). I’ve been ogling over this camera, and have been constantly daydreaming. I posted all of my latest SLR photos onto my Flickr, and had a great photo shoot that included multiple houses’ Christmas lights. I worked on a few craft projects, and finally finished my brooches! I went through my finished projects bag, and decided that this year, making an Etsy account will happen. 

Maybe last week really was just me teaching myself a lesson. Everyone needs a least a bit of organization, but only some people need that much. And if they do, it probably works well for them. I’ve started keeping a log of the money I spend each day (without guilt) so that I can tally it up at the end of the month to create an up to date budget. I’ve noticed that the more things I write on the list, the more I’m turned off of spending. I’ve also decided on a simple saving plan for myself. I’m going to get a day planner that is well organized for me, and start making weekly lists (in no particular order) so that I won’t turn into such a nutcase. So far, these methods have been working well for me. However, it is only the 4th day in. Wish me luck!

What helps you be more organized?


5 responses to “Controlled Disaster

  1. love the photos!

    also love the “your mother” tag…. hahaa

  2. Have you tried making a Google calendar? It’s the only way I manage my life!!

  3. I’m obsessing over organizing this year, too. I have a desktop calendar mounted in my kitchen with my daily chores on it, and my day planner for appointments and such. That’s a wonderful idea with tracking your spending! Good luck!

  4. I use Google Calendar for long-term stuff, Moleskine Color-A-Months for my day-to-day and am fond of making lists on white legal pads. I try and divide my lists into categories (i.e. work, home, fun) and then into “Must Do” and “May Do”. That way, I can plow through the musts but don’t get down on myself for not finishing everything. I also like to prioritize in order of most important.

  5. Someone else out there who throws planners out! Thank goodness. I suck at planners (actually I wait til mid-January to buy them because they’re cheaper and lets be honest, I wouldnt really get around to writing anything in it until then anyway. I can make lists until the cows come home, I almost always lose them, usually just by going from one room to the next. Personally, I thrive on an unstructured life! =) Good luck though getting organized and please send any tips my way.

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