Too Early for Spring Cleaning?

This week has been amazingly entertaining, yet boring at the same time. I’ve recently discovered that I’m developing a bit of an obsession over organizing my house, and I have started to purge things I don’t need. I love it when I get into the mindset that ‘less is more’ because it means that I get rid of stuff I don’t have room for, and haven’t used in a long time.

A lot of my friends have a hard time getting rid of their possessions, but I have a simple rule that helps me get through. I look at it, and say, ‘Have I used this in the last year of my life?’ If the answer is no, then I get rid of it! I figure that if I’ve had it through every season and occasion, I should use it. And if I haven’t, then what’s saying that I ever really will? By the time a year’s gone by, when you actually do need whatever you’re considering throwing out, you’ll probably forget it even existed.

I organized most of the things in my room, and cleaned out some old spices and things from our kitchen today, and it was the most satisfying thing when I took out the trash! My home is my sanctuary, and I am so happy that it’s getting to a point where I can say I’m actually happy with the way it looks. The next thing on my list is to get a cabinet of some kind so that I can organize the things I don’t really have room for anywhere else. Right now I have an open shelf with books, printer, sewing stuff, towels, craft supplies, etc and everything is EVERYWHERE! That is just too much variety for one little shelf.

I’ve been watching Craigslist like a hawk, and finally found something that I love, but I haven’t gotten a response to the email I sent them yet. I hope I can buy this, because it would be so useful and cute!

Here are some dreamy homes that I have been ogling over. One day, my house will look something like these:




How do you get organized?


7 responses to “Too Early for Spring Cleaning?

  1. Oooh – the cabinet is pretty cute. 🙂

    I’m really bad at being organized. I’m very much the same as you when it comes to daily planners and such. I got one for this new year, and I hope I stick to it.

  2. Ohhhh Christmas lights in any home make it instantly dreamy. We have them around lots of places in ours. I admire your ability to de-clutter – I’m such a packrat! I feign non-packrattiness with deceptions of a clean house, but it’s ALL in half-opened boxes in my back room 🙂

  3. Those cabinets are amazing, my fingers are crossed for you!!

    How I get organized is I wait until I can’t handle how things are anymore, and then freak out and get everything done in one sweep. Usually. lol =)

  4. Ohh, those cabinets are fab. I’m like Kyla, I’m fine with the clutter and then one day I just get an itch to get rid of it all. Moving helps. 😉

  5. It’s never too early for spring cleaning – I love being organised too! There’s something amazing about having only what you need, and no more 🙂

  6. I suck at decluttering, but every so often I get the urge and completely throw away, clean out, and reorganize. It only happens every once in a blue moon.

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