Inspiration for a new destination


This weekend marked the best day I’ve had this year to date. The rain subsided on Saturday, and I was up and ready to start my day to enjoy it! In the morning I made my way to volunteer for a few hours at the Canadian Network for International Surgery. A friend of mine had recently passed on the message that they were in need of someone to come in to help with a sewing project, and I was excited to be able to help out! After sewing stomach pieces for 3 hours, I successfully helped them make their deadline, and had a few good laughs along the way.

As some of you know, I’ve been putting money towards ‘Awmber’s DSLR-of-Awesome Fund’ for the last month or so. But I’m afraid that if I get one, I won’t know how to use it. So I’ve been practicing with my film SLRs as much as possible. After volunteering,  I  meandered side streets with Taylor, taking photos of old buildings and pretty flowers (I know. It’s winter, and Vancouver has flowers right now). It has been raining for most of the past couple weeks, that there were so many happy campers roaming the city that day.

While walking, Taylor and I started daydreaming about soon living together, and talking about travel. Both of us have wanted to travel, but none really have. Then I mentioned that I wanted to move to a new city. It’s so interesting how so many of my friends are not from Vancouver. Actually, now that I think of it, most people I have met are transplants from different cities, all from a far distance. It has always seemed so exciting thinking that you would have a fresh start in a new city where ‘no one knows your name’, and you have to fly back to see your family for holidays. Getting to know a new city is like getting to you the person you might marry one day. There’s so much to learn! It seems like such a novelty to me, I guess. And I really want to experience it.

So amongst other things during our heart to heart, I decided that I need to get my act together. I need a serious plan as to where I see myself in 2 years, and I need attainable goals. I need to stop living so day to day and start thinking about my future. In the next 2 weeks, I will be making a Goal Board (I need an inspirational dreamy name for it rather than that, but can’t think of one) that will hang on my door so I can be visually reminded what I am working towards every day.

What I have to go on the board so far:

-Move to one of the following cities within the next 2 years time: Montreal, Toronto or Halifax
-Buy this camera, or another DSLR that I choose instead.
-Try to put $30 into my savings per week

I’m hoping that by seeing what I’m working towards on a daily basis, I will be thinking of them more, and will be more focused on them. Positive thinking helps, too!

How do you get motivated to start making/achieving goals?


9 responses to “Inspiration for a new destination

  1. Moving to a new city is an amazing experience. After graduation I moved from Ontario to Edmonton — by myself. You learn so much about yourself and it’s so fun to explore a new place. I highly recommend it.

    I picked up a couple classes around town for my DSLR; it wasn’t too expensive and it’s so worth it to learn the inner workings of your camera.

  2. I keep motivated by BLOGGING about my goals; that way I feel accountable to anyone who reads to actually follow through on them! Also my officemates and I have a little weekly “check in” on how we’re doing with and what we’ve done to keep track with our new year’s goals. The more people that can help keep you on track, the better 🙂

  3. Oh have fun! I think, honestly, when I set goals its because I’m at a point where if I don’t do something I’ll lose it. So my goal setting is really results oriented and I almost always stick to it lol

    I love your plans, you would LOVE Montreal & TO, halifax might be hard to find work in but that’s honestly the only thing that’s keeping me from moving there rightthissecond.

    So lets start an e-business and move there together. Now-ish.

  4. go you. ahh moving can feel so good in just forcing you to be confident in the next choices you make, fresh starts, change of scenery.

    nothing like having a motivating and inspiring day to kick ya into gear. its sunny in Seattle today, FINALLY and i’m ready to kick myself in the bootay and pull myself together and accomplish a bunch of ish. but i’m also feeling sick. lame.

  5. I have so many dreams and goals floating around in my head but they never become reality until I write them down. Bonus points if I write them down in an email to someone who will kick my ass repeatedly if I do not follow through 🙂

  6. I love the idea of an goal/inspiration board. I may just do that as well. I have been working towards a few different things, but a little visual reminder wouldn’t hurt!

  7. That is awesome. I am very sure that you will realise each and every one of your goals. And if you want to travel – South Africa is your first stop, you hear?! You don’t even have to pay for accomodation or anything. 😉

    Please take pictures of your goal board when it’s done?

  8. Okay, very much LOVE that you volunteered and sewed stomach pieces! That’s so crazy! What were you doing with the stomach pieces?! 🙂

    And yay, love the idea of the goal/inspiration board! DSLR’s are so much fun, and yay for moving to another city! That’s on my to-do list too. 🙂

  9. Hippie Advice Alert: What you have described is a “Vision Board”. And they work. Even if you put a picture on it and look at it every day, chances are you’ll get it. I have to redo mine because everything already popped into my life some how in one way or another. It’s pretty neat!! Just make sure that you see yourself having already obtained the goal when you’re looking at it. And feel what it would be like after you’ve achieved the goal. Do it every day. And keep your eyes and ears open as you walk through life.

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