My Life: Stolen, Piece By Piece

I found it weird this morning when I got a phone call from my landlord not even an hour into my shift at work. I made the quick decision to answer, and it followed with “Amber, I have some bad news.” Thinking of the worst possible scenarios, a thousand things ran through my head. Did I leave my hair straightener on? Was there a fire/flood? Did my rat die?… Then she said it, “Downstairs was broken into just now. I saw the guy, and chased him, but I don’t know what he took. I’m so sorry.” 2 days after giving my notice, we got broken into again.

They say that being broken into is one of the most violating feelings you can experience. Coming home to your belongings strewn across your floor and searching for possessions you knew you had is terrifying. But it’s not as terrifying as thinking about the person scoping out your house, or watching you as you leave for work. Seeing the bike tracks leading up to my window, the screen on the ground, and marks on the outside of my window where they peered in to see if there was anyone home. Was he watching me while I was sleeping? Then knowing that they went through your dresser drawers searching for anything worth selling, grazing your clothes with their hands.

Last year we were broken into not once, but twice within a month of us moving out of the suite we were living in. We lost everything. 4 computers, backpacks and a camera and a huge mess later, we were devastated. We learned that it was important to hide our laptops in a secure location every time we left the house, and to close the curtains every night. But it didn’t stop them this time. Both of my vintage Pentax cameras are gone, along with the Wii Gaming Console that I was gifted only a few months ago. They weren’t worth a lot of money, but those cameras were so sentimentally valuable to me. Although not a lot was taken, it still hurts that we were victimized yet again.

Being through 3 break ins in a year has made me a stronger person, and it’s clear that I need to get away from basement apartments in East Vancouver. But with the average cost of housing in Vancouver and my average wages, I doubt that it will be feasible. I guess just keeping my chin up and searching for apartments, hoping for the best.

I’m also hoping that this doesn’t happen again:


10 responses to “My Life: Stolen, Piece By Piece

  1. I am SO SORRY to hear you’ve gotten robbed – THREE TIMES even! Once is seriously more than anyone should ever have to deal with. It truly is (as I’m sure you know) one of the most violating feelings in the world.

    Last September (on my birthday no less) our house was broken into while the boyf and I were asleep…IN THE SAME HOUSE. Luckily the thief didn’t come up stairs and only left with 2 of my bags and a bottle of tea from the fridge, but it’s not the missing the stuff that tortures you later. I still have to check all of the windows and locks every night before we sleep and often get up in the middle of the night because of strange noises. While there was no physical harm to ourselves or the house (came in through an open window – guh) that’s a mental violation that won’t be going away for quite some time.

    I hope you find a new place very very VERY soon! Also – I’ve got a 1970s Pentax K-1000 if you need a borrowing camera till you can get another one =/

  2. Oh chick, I’m SO sorry to hear about this. That really sucks, and not just because you lost the things that you did, but because the emotional violation, that some stranger went through your personal belongings with so little care or consideration . . . I’m sorry, hey. Hope the new place is a little more secure, a little more fortress like than your current apartment. Happy thoughts, hey x

  3. I am so sorry Amber. Its heartbreaking to know you’ve had to go through this three times now. I hope your new apartment brings you a more secure environment and more of a peace of mind.

  4. This makes me feel so physically ill that it just makes me want to cry. I wish I could be there with you so you could stay with us, and while I’m glad you’re not as upset as when this has happened before but I just….

    I fucking hate that this has become something that you’re used to.

  5. UUUUuuuuhg. That is SO LAME! I don’t understand why people do this. It is so hard for me to sympathize with anyone who breaks into a home. No matter what reasoning, it would never seem justified to me. It is creepy that a person probably has to plan it all out before they do it, and probably that involves watching the house for long periods of time.
    I am so frustrated that this has happened to you SO many times!!!!

    Someday soon, come down to Seattle and I will treat you to a lovely afternoon with tea and cookies, no robbers invited.

  6. I’m so sorry, sweetie.

  7. I’m so sorry that this happened to you again.

  8. That is SO SO SO HORRIBLE Awmb. I’m so sorry. xx

  9. That is so incredibly awful and I am so sorry you had to go through it AGAIN. I remember when my work was broken into and I arrived to see my work belongings strewn everywhere, my filing cabinet broken and broken glass all over the floor. And for what?! That’s nothing compared to this. I so desperately want you to be safe – I hope you find a safer place very, very soon. *Hug*

  10. sweetness… that is so horrible.
    Something that may be worth it – When we were scoping places in downtown locals (edmonton) we spoke with the RCMP and had them call up each potential address. They can tell you how many times they’ve been called out to that address, and what for. Sometimes they even have it on a website they can give you. Though it will be difficult to find a place that is 100% free of skeeze, you can at least pick the lowest and safest place. *hug*
    take care doll.

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