Moving is taking over my life.

Oh my goodness! My internet connection has been majorly slow lately, and getting organized for moving has taken over my life.  Between painting, cleaning, packing and sleeping, and planning my birthday (Friday! Woo!), the little energy I have left goes into watching movies. I’m excited for life to slow down after this weekend so I can just settle again. And catch up with blogs. Promise.


6 responses to “Moving is taking over my life.

  1. Woo, Happy Birthday! Hope its wonderful x

  2. Ugh, I am pretty sure I would suck packing and find anything I could to procrastinate. Wooo for an upcoming birthday!

  3. You’re sooooooo close!! I hope the green is gone =)

  4. happy early birthday! whenever i have to pack, i find there’s no better time than the last few hours before the big day to do it. i seem to focus better on NOT leaving things out when i procrastinate.

  5. Happy Birthday, lovely! I totally feel you on the moving taking over you life. Our house is so full of boxes and empty walls right now, it’s weird.

  6. Hope you’re settling in well – are you going to take some photos of the new pad with your fancy new camera!?

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