Inspiration, Take Two.

It seems as though I’ve been hit with a bit of writer’s block. Maybe it’s the lack of unpacking my new house that’s put me in a lazy mood. Maybe it’s caused by me reading 3 books at once. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been more into taking pictures than writing about them. It seems that all I’m doing is looking for a bit of inspiration. And yet, maybe that’s all I need.

Things have been a little strange at home, and I’m not sure how to take it, really. My friend is becoming less of a companion, and I’ve somehow gotten dragged into a breakup that was supposed to be over a month and a half ago. There is still an upright couch in my kitchen, and my bed is starting to become a place where I’d rather not be. Maybe it’s because I have an addiction to movies and that’s the only place to sit comfortably. Too much time in one place gets you jittery.

It seems that my weekends are being spent in my house, cooped up because I can’t be bothered to do anything else. Sure I get out to buy groceries and mini-walks and it sounds like time well spent, but I feel unfulfilled.

Anyway, enough of my moping. I thought I would share a little more inspiration this week, in hopes of it curing this grumpiness.






4 responses to “Inspiration, Take Two.

  1. I really love these inspiration posts, they are really gorgeous. Sorry things are odd at home at the moment 😦 How are your photo classes going?

  2. Aw I’m sorry about this! If your couch isn’t moved by May I’ll help you move it when we’re there =)

  3. aw man, you know, my day is feeling a bit sad too. boo!

    i hope that you can turn that couch over and turn a new corner and feel refreshed and better about everything. ps, i have a letter i meant to send you like a month ago and now i realize your address has changed! send me an email with your new address love, it needs to be in your hands! ❤ moorea

  4. I hope can find some inspiration soon even if its getting out and walking around in the fresh spring air (has spring arrived in your area of the world yet?).

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