“Insert whitty, hillarious blurb about yourself that makes you seem way cooler than you are here”

I like:
Being crafty. Music. Going to shows. Photography. Art. Beautiful smiles. Sunsets. Sunrises. The first signs of fall. Giving without expectations. Putting on my imagination goggles. Cute ‘I saw you’ ads. Dogs that match their owners. Coffee outings with friends. Puffy clouds that leave room for imagination. Being a homebody. Mandarin green tea, which is apparently impossible to find nowadays. Contagiously unique laughs. Reading in the park. Musicians that play with PASSION. Seeing people running for the bus, and missing it. Catching up with old friends, and making new ones. The lisp in my head. Being pensive. Full moons. Staying up till 4am and sleeping till noon. Finding out about music that has existed for 20 years that you have never heard that you find incredible.

I’m left handed, and red-headed. I’m very particular about certain things, such as the arrangement of my blankets, and the first 2 Harry Potter books in which my computer sit on. I brush my teeth every time I get out of the shower. I cannot stand the feeling of pruny fingers. I can pretend to cry on the spot, but almost every time it accidentally turns into real crying. I can wear the same makeup with minor touchups for days on end. I try to replace winter depression with alcohol consumption, which tends to make the situation worse. I obsessive-compulsively used to steal sharpies from Starbucks when I worked there. I sometimes sleep horizontally in by bed, rather than vertically. I have a thing for kiddy socks. Last winter I shaved my legs twice. I get random hiccups throughout the day. If there is more than one thing on my plate when I’m eating, I need to finish one thing at a time, and would prefer each item not to be touching anything else. I am remotely afraid of most bugs. I have a thing for gore.


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