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Inspiration, Take Two.

It seems as though I’ve been hit with a bit of writer’s block. Maybe it’s the lack of unpacking my new house that’s put me in a lazy mood. Maybe it’s caused by me reading 3 books at once. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been more into taking pictures than writing about them. It seems that all I’m doing is looking for a bit of inspiration. And yet, maybe that’s all I need.

Things have been a little strange at home, and I’m not sure how to take it, really. My friend is becoming less of a companion, and I’ve somehow gotten dragged into a breakup that was supposed to be over a month and a half ago. There is still an upright couch in my kitchen, and my bed is starting to become a place where I’d rather not be. Maybe it’s because I have an addiction to movies and that’s the only place to sit comfortably. Too much time in one place gets you jittery.

It seems that my weekends are being spent in my house, cooped up because I can’t be bothered to do anything else. Sure I get out to buy groceries and mini-walks and it sounds like time well spent, but I feel unfulfilled.

Anyway, enough of my moping. I thought I would share a little more inspiration this week, in hopes of it curing this grumpiness.






Procrastination at it’s best


It’s official! I’m moving next Sunday! It’s weird how March is always one of the hardest months for me, yet it still always catches me off guard. This month I’ve dealt with a break in, the first major fight I’ve ever had with my best friend, my boss’ boss’ boss confronting me and possible landlord conflicts. After all of the troubles March has brought me, I’m looking forward to moving on, and moving out into a new place.

Some specs: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, garden level, back yard, and big windows in the bedrooms. It’s really close to the area we live in now, but it’s a little quieter. So I’m hoping that will give me more motivation to ride my bike everywhere when I’m bored. And there will only be two of us in the new place, so we’ve decided to make the 3rd bedroom the arts and crafts room! I can’t wait! What I’m not excited about is the fact that I have to paint my current room before the new tenants get here. Why don’t these people like bright green, you ask? I don’t know. I think they’re absolutely crazy. Maybe they’re not human. I think that’s it.

Is it just me, or is it hard for everyone to pack their stuff? I am seriously having a hard time to find the motivation to get started on things the last couple of days, and am using every little excuse not to. ‘Oh! There’s something new in my Reader! I’m hungry! I want to go for a bike ride. I want to look at pictures of tattoos for 2 hours.’ These are not good ways to pack! Yet, it’s incredibly addicting and gets my mind off of stressing about all of the things I have to do. But today I brought my friend over to keep me on track, and it worked quite well. I’d say that I’m about 1/3rd of the way finished, which is great

What was your last moving experience like? How did you stay focused?

Bad Moods and Sad News

The last week has been incredibly draining, yet incredible. I finally got out of the hobbit hole that I was living in, and got into a really great place. Still a basement suite, but think ‘light’, ‘warmth’, ‘clean’. The back yard is really great to relax in, and you can barely hear any traffic of the city passing by. This really is what I’ve been waiting for. 

But, I have a bit of a problem. With moving, I’ve found that I’ve become totally unable to handle any stress that comes my way. I get angry and stubborn almost immediately, even for the smallest things.  I mean, I almost yelled at my roommate when I said that the recycling should go under the sink and he disagreed. I feel like I’ve been experiencing PMS 24/7. Maybe it’s just because we still don’t have all of the furniture that we need, or the fact that I haven’t been able to get into a set routine yet, or that I have been trying to get my ID back and I just feel like it all could’ve been prevented by a quick check to see if the door was locked.

That’s right. Our house got robbed a second time, and we were sleeping in our beds. I woke up one morning and I got ready, just like every other day. When I was ready to leave I started looking for my bag (the oversized brown leather bag that is impossible to miss), and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally I had to wake up my roommate when I saw that the door was unlocked, and found out that he had heard the door close sometime in the night, and he just figured it was me leaving for work or having a cigarette. Every piece of ID I owned was in my bag. I spent the entire day cancelling credit cards, trying and failing to get new ID issued, and dealing with police reports.

I don’t mean for this post to be such a downer, but it’s just how I feel. I just got a call from Steve saying that his uncle will be picking up the car tomorrow afternoon, and it’s really weird knowing that my only collateral left will be gone, not to mention the free car that I’ve had access to for a year now. That, and I kind of felt like I had a part of him here still, and I have been hanging on to that for so long. With everything of his gone, I feel like all hope is lost for him ever returning. I really do miss him, and many tears have been shed over that boy.

Enough for now, I’m at work and need to stop slacking. It’s Friday! I should be happy!