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Why So Much Stuff?

Whenever you move you always realize exactly how much stuff you really have. The truck that we rented for the move was 17 feet long, and we managed to completely fill it. My friends were saying, ‘Wow you really have a lot of stuff.’ And although I know that they weren’t judging me for it, I started to feel a little ashamed. How did I get all of this stuff, and why do I have it?

After a week of living with only the necessities unpacked, I found that I actually enjoyed having less around. With 20 boxes and an upright couch in my kitchen, I’ve pretty much been spending all of my time in my room avoiding it all. I managed to unpack my clothes and the essentials and am enjoying the big window that fills the space with natural light.

It’s felt so liberating to be free from all of the things I’ve happened to collect over the years. Having all of my things packed up, and the house completely cluttered has given me a chance to explore the new area we live in, and get back into reading. I rediscovered my love for the Vancouver Public Library (side note: Do you have any book recommendations?). I’ve found that I’m taking my time coming home from work, and taking different routes to see which ones are the most enjoyable. I’ve gotten to try new restaurants like The Roundel Cafe and found where to buy groceries. Heck, this week I even mapped out the terrain for exquisite summer bike riding.

But with having no kitchen, things have started to become problematic. I’ve spent an obscene amount of money eating out for every single meal in the past 2 weeks, and feel gross from not eating right. So this weekend my roommate and I decided that it was time to start unpacking. And with my unpacking came my love of getting rid of things.

I started thinking about things that I have and what I don’t need, and there is a lot of it. I started with books. I’m the type of person that likes the look of a full bookshelf. I’ll buy a book rather than borrowing one, read it, then never pick it up again. The thing with that is, I don’t even have a bookshelf anymore (it was my previous roommate’s). So I managed to put aside the majority of 4 boxes of books aside to sell/donate back to our local used bookstores. I also managed to get rid of the stuff in my costume trunk, and I’m sure there will be more!

Have you been doing any Spring cleaning lately?